Apples in Kuwait: Rotten at the Core!


Shocking but real.

Lets get one thing straight, I love apples! And not as in “how do you like dem apples” from Good Will Hunting:

So imagine my surprise upon biting into my favorite fruit, bought from a famous hypermarket at The Avenues, as it was on sale, only to discover that the fruit, despite appearing healthy from the outside, was rotten to the core.

As the picture above shows, there is something definitely unnatural about that apple. Whether it is waxed or shot with radiation, the bottom line is, these apples are NOT ORGANIC/ NUTRITIOUS.

Consider yourself warned. I am positive that in the long run, consumption of such fruit is bound to cause some form of deficiency/ disease in the body.

It is atrociously shameful when the bottom line means more than the consumer’s health. Effectively, you are decreasing the target market by selling them potentially poisonous products, thereby limiting their lifetime commitment to your brand.

Hypermarkets should be required by law to state which of their products have been altered/ treated.

PS I am one of the people that enjoys eating the apple core, as it harbors the most nutrients, for which the flesh is there to protect.

To attempt to clear your minds from the image above, I leave you with the following:

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