Apply to be “Serviced” by Hookers in Kuwait

As a guy who is steadfast on policy and procedures & rules and regulations (by merit of my job) I must say I am astounded at the level of dedication that these Euro-stitutes (see what I did there?) undertook to verify the identity of their “seekers of flesh pleasure”, they did not mention anything however regarding payment – how did the ladies ensure that the 200KD was available? Bank statements? Credit card details?


… each woman was charging KD 200 for one pleasure. According to security sources the women operated via the Internet. A prospective pleasure seeker was required to fill a form online complete with his picture and the reply was assured within 48 hours.

Control: ensure “pleasure seeker” is internet savvy. CHECK!

… the accepted person was then given the name of the place and time and then he was ushered in the lobby of the hotel before proceeding to room of the woman who would then cross check for the name and picture before offering herself at his service.

Control: Ensure “pleasure seeker” identity is verified, to avoid cop busts. CHECK!




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