When Simplicities become Luxuries

Life is tough.

Life is tough for any and all persons, of all walks of life, however here we will focus on one group in particular – the travelers; nomads that live in suit cases traversing the world for business, pleasure, recreation etc.

Home is where the heart is, along with other necessities that are deemed essential to life.

We have been travelling around Saudi Arabia for a week now, initially we landed in Dammam where the hotel was fine by all standards (albeit dingy), however upon arriving in Jeddah, we were quick to discover it was a whole new ball game.

I realize it is customary when travelling to have to give up certain luxuries in hotels. Initially we were put up in a great place that was a little too far from where we were working. We agreed to move to the same furnished apartments where I stayed during my last audit here, which was a brisk 10-minute walk, directly on the same road as the company.

Last time I was here We learned to appreciate the simpler, smaller luxuries that we all take for granted, for example, you had to provide your own towel, there was no shower curtain and cleaning was not done on a regular basis.

I was ready to accept all that, however, upon discovering that neither toilet had a cover, that is where I drew the line! Bring your own toilet seat? THE NERVE!

Indeed, both guest restroom and bathroom had no toilet seats! It put me in the awkward position of attempting to explain to the attendant that I required toilet seats, in Arabic!

the unseated toilet

The unseated toilet

Fortunately, they conceded in the end, and sent over TWO employees to attach the precious toilet seat, 3 days into our stay.

the installation of the toilet seat

installing the previous toilet seat, "we need more tools"

Hard at work:

installing the previous toilet seat

almost there

Luxuries, indeed. All for the sake of work.

Appreciate what you have, you never know when you might lose it or have to live without it.

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