Ass Sniffing in Kuwait

Some people wake up in the morning, open their eyes at the crack of dawn as the rays of sunlight attempt to penetrate their dark, black curtains, take a big, long whiff of the morning air and proclaim out loud to themselves, “today, I am going to sniff some ass. I am going to sniff so much ass I will make dogs jealous”.

And then they go about their daily morning rituals of washing their face, bathing in the blood of young kittens and puppies, kicking babies on the way out of the door toward work.

Now they are ready to sniff ass.

There are plenty of ass sniffers in Kuwait. One cannot tally the precise quantity, although I heard on the grapevine that it is numbering in the high thousands.

None are spared, all asses are fair game on the road.

Here is an example of ass sniffing:

This of course, is not a local example, however, the video above illustrates the act of ass sniffing, for that is the best description of this insane, stupid act.

Tailgating, colloquially referred to by some naive folk as “bumper kissing“, is the act of sticking the front of your car (i.e. the nose) to the back of the car ahead of you (i.e. its ass) in order to force that driver to move out of the way so that they may speed to their hearts delight and content.

What has become a way of life in Kuwait, is an offence in Dubai, where motorists could be fined Dh400 (roughly 33KD) for violating safe distance traffic rules.

So instead of telling your friends, “I Was driving down the Gulf Road and some fool in a giant black Yukon came and kissed my bumper”, you tell them, “I was driving down the Gulf Road and some fool in a giant black Yukon came and sniffed my ass!”
Sounds snazzier, doesn’t it? Puts the blame on them, doesn’t it?
Ass sniffing… Don’t do it.

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