B.B.B – Blackberry Ban in UAE

The world we live in is driven by the buck, you either earn it, or you spend it.

Zawya News:

United Arab Emirates telecoms regulatory authority, or TRA, has informed Etisalat that BlackBerry services in the country will be suspended from Oct. 11 until agreement is reached to bring the smartphone into line with U.A.E. telecommunications regulations.
The U.A.E. government last week said Research in Motion Ltd.’s (RIMM) BlackBerry was a potential threat to national security, while an Indian government official said Indian security agencies have raised unspecified concerns about BlackBerry services.
Research in Motion’s email-delivery system is one of the chief reasons for its success, but as the company expands internationally its airtight encryption of emails and instant messages is drawing scrutiny from some foreign governments, who want access to this content in the name of national security.

Where the UAE leads, the rest are sure to follow. Kuwait has been mulling a ban on the service for quite some time now aswell, also under the guise and pretense of it being a “threat to national security”.
This sounds like the governments saying we want in on this cash-cow. BBM has caused txt msg revenues to drop dramatically, as well as cellular use since people are now desensitized to vocal communication, hence, it cannot be tolerated.
Under the notion of national security, all social networking websites must also be added under the umbrella of the ban, as they to pose a more severe threat to national security by linking like-minded individuals in a forum where they are free to air their thoughts and find others who share the same.
The final score: Bureacracy 1 – Personal Freedom 0

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