Back to the Blood Bank – Better Service

I paid another visit to the Blood Bank a few hours after my intial one (details of previous visit can be found here).

This time, there was a person sitting at the front desk, and I was the last “customer” to enter, as they signalled the help to close the door (later I was informed that they were working overtime, bless them).

It took quite some time (20 minutes or so) for the receptionist (male) to process me, and give me a print of of the “form”.

If you do not read arabic, consider yourself lucky, and spared the embarassment of having to ask what these questions are, there is only one question you have to answer “yes” to, and the rest, well, are quite intrusive, regarding homosexuality, promiscuity and what-not.

The Questions are Quite… Intrusive, to say the least. Questions 26 – 36 are all about sexual activity
Now, once your form is filled, you head over to “Room 2” for a haemoglobin count (via small blood sample), and then a blood pressure gauge.

My Blood Pressure, normal? High? Maybe its because of the earlier fiasco that my BP was high.

Once the medical staff in charge of these exercises sign off on your sheet, it is time to head on over to “Room 4”, where they draw your blood (word to the wise, if you are in a hurry to give blood, and no one is looking, merely slip your form at the bottom of the pile, as that is where they pull them out from – FIFO – First In, First Out).
You will then be prepped, seated and…

Nothing hurts more than the Needle going in, and staying in, feeling your blood pouring out into a plastic bag...Closer shot of the foreign body removing the life blood from my veins


The final vessel where my blood lies until its requirement

Needle removed (try not to look at it as they pull it out)

Once the deed is done you will be given a carton of juice to replenish your mineral supply, and be informed that you shouldn’t operate any heavy machinery.

What is amazing is that blood donation helps you to lose weight, as according to their posters, it can help burn around 650 calories, and I thought you would just be reducing your weight by the amount of blood you gave.
Fancy that.
All previous treatment aside, it is a human gesture to give blood, who knows, the life you save could very well be your own.
Make the time, make a donation.

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