Based on a true Story – Sued for being Ugly

The sad truth is that we live in a completely superficial world that teaches at a young age NOT to judge a book by its cover, however the actual practice is the exact opposite.

Those familiar with internet humor must have seen the following comic strip:


 Funny right? Man marries woman under the false pretense that she is beautiful, however upon conception and delivery finds that the child is a pale comparison to his wife’s currents looks, albeit a spot on copy of her previous visage.

It would be funny, in a sick humor sort of way, until such time you discover that this is in fact based on a true story that occurred in China earlier this year.

Here are links to said story (link), (link 2), (link 3).

The truly sad part? He sued her, and WON! So not only is she divorced and ostracized after being publicized as a beauty pretender, but she has to pay HIM money ($120,000 to be exact – roughly KD 34,000)!

It is high time mankind practiced what they preached.

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