Be Heard Through Social Media – RAK Airways got it Loud and Clear

What was first created as a means to idly kill time and communicate with friends has turned into an effective way for businesses to communicate with their customers, both existing and potential. Social Media pages, whether on Facebook or Twitter, are not meant to simply inform you of new deals, discounts, offers etc. They serve as a portal through which information flows both ways: from them to you and vice versa.

Today has been tumultuous from the get go; functioning on a mere 3 hours of sleep and participating in a 21K marathon tomorrow is in itself exhausting, but the events that transpired further add to the tribulations.

RAK Airways is a new, fledgling carrier in the UAE. To date their prices are very reasonable and their destinations are steadily increasing. Today we will be flying with RAK Airways for the RAK Half Marathon tomorrow.

RAK Airways - Small Fares, Big Deals

However, as with any fledgling, there are bound to be certain hiccups in the road of dealing with them, suffice to say RAK Airways handled these hiccups very professionally and immediately.

In the airline industry, it is not uncommon for flights to be delayed. Once I was in Dubai and was informed by the airline in Kuwait that my flight was delayed. Another time I was in the airport awaiting my flight and it got delayed for about 3 hours.

Yesterday I received a call from the RAK Office requesting a copy of my passport and my credit card which I used to purchase the tickets for my friends and I. I found it strange as it is a security measure adopted for when the credit card holder is not on the flight, although I was. I made that apparent to them.

This morning I received an email from RAK Reservations informing me that the flight was delayed. I was upset at the fact that they informed me via email as opposed to phone, which is preferable. Suppose I did not check my email this morning? I was agitated further when my friends informed me that the airport page did not update the flight as delayed. I called up the Kuwait office and again was informed that there was no delay. Time was of the essence and I asked them to check once more. They called a while later and told me that the flight was in fact delayed.

I wrote a strong worded paragraph on their Facebook Page for both of the above accounts, and the Airline responded. They called me several times from their head office in RAK to understand my agitation. They noted everything down, apologized profusely and went above and beyond to turn a once dissatisfied customer in a satisfied one.

I further received a call from the Kuwait Office, also apologizing for the occurrences and thanking me for reporting it to them.

As far as customer service, RAK Airways deserve a standing ovation for their monitoring of the situation and co-ordination of efforts.

As customers it is our responsibility to use social media responsibly. It is your window to communicating with the company directly. They take these matters seriously; if you have any grievance or complaint simply inform the company, any company for that matter, via their social media handles and they will see to it that the mistake is rectified. Who knows, they could even end up rewarding you.

In the end, it is up to us to shape how companies operate to our liking, so let your voices be heard!

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