Work Excursion: Scenic Kandla, Mundra & Bhuj – India

No rest for the weary.

On my first weekend in India, we were charged with the task of travelling to an area called Kandla to do further work there.

The flight was schedules @ 5:55am, meaning a wake-up @ 4:00am. We arrived in Kandla Airport at 7am-ish, and merely stepped out of the building to be “in” Kandla (As is eveident in the photos below).

This day constituted the longest working day of my life, the day came to an official end (professionally) @ 6:30pm, but after a wee bit of shopping in a far off area, we ended up going back to the hotel @ 9pm, sleeping by 10:30pm for an early wake up the next day for more travel, as our next day there was more of a field trip than office work.

We headed towards Mundra, visited a container depot, as well as the port, then travelled to Bhuj for a wonderful farewell meal (to be documented in the next post) from where our flight was departing.

However, the beauty of Kandla definitely made the trip worthwhile.


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