Bloggers Dilemma

This is my dilemma,
As you see, I’m a blogger
I love to speak my mind,
I say the truth I’m not a lier
When I stand before the mirror,
What will I see?
Who will be staring back at me?
Do I lay low; do I stay out of sight?
Or do I stand up and shout it is not right!
Do I live in fear of what could happen to me?
Or do I do what I want
Coz in the end it will set us all free
Break away from the shackles of archaic slavery
We are born no less than anyone else
We deserve the same rights as those living anywhere else
They can try to scare, they can intimidate
They can do whatever, they can never strangulate
It will not matter for these shackles we will eradicate
The voice of those who long to live
The spirit that will continuously give
We are united in our hopes,
Unified in our dreams,
We live as one when we set to change the world
To fix it at the seams

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