Bloggers Gathering, Still learning Professionalism

We all have a events that occur in our lives that drive us toward the art of blogging, of sharing our experience with the rest of the world; my first such experience was a traumatic, vehicle chase-down on the fourth ring road, which ended up with a handshake with a brass-ring bearing outlaw (link)

That post, located on my previous blog, did not make immigration to MyBloogle, hence, a new catalyst was required for me to jump back in the drivers seat.

That catalyst was Bloggers Gathering.

I had written a detailed diatribe (link), as well as a carefully worded note in their guestbook, expressing my frustration with their apparent lack of professionalism.

Its a month since the incident, and no response. No apology. Nada.

Then came the fiasco on the First day of Eid.

Usually, when an organisation that deals with many individuals such as Bloggers Gathering, wishes to email a congratulatory message on the coming of Eid, they would include all recipients in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), so as to maintain privacy,  as there are certain individuals out there that may use this list of blogger emails for nefarious purposes or to spread spam.

I once received an email from a group in Kuwait that runs a meditation center, they had erroneously neglected to hide the emails of their clients in the emails they send, so immediately after sending their weekly email, they issued an apology like so:

Now, during the first day of Eid, Bloggers Gathering, god bless them for the thought, sought to congratulate their members by sending out an email.

How was that email received?

As a normal forward, where the email of every blogger registered with Bloggers Gathering was available for all to see.

Like so:

 As a member of this group, I am appalled by the follow-up, or lack thereof.

More care needs to be given if this grouping is to reach the heights they spoke of during their first gathering.

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