BSK’s Grease Production Review

Growing up in the English school circuit of Kuwait, one is filled with fond memories of plays attended at schools such as Robinson Crusoe in The English Academy and several other productions at the KLT, all the way in Ahmadi, the bus drive alone to the eyes of a child was long enough to warrant thought of travelling to a land far, far away.

Hoping to recapture a sliver of that memory, we proceeded to BSK on Friday for the second showing of “Grease – The Musical”.

From the get go, it was clear the sound department was struggling as several times over the actors mics kicked in after a considerable delay.

Although a few of the young actors were able to catch the attention of the crowd with their excellent performances, the majority of the lead characters could do well with more rehearsal time, especially for the musical segments as those were the most sought after attraction of the entire production.

All in all, the performance was not up to expectations based on previous school productions attended in what seems like a lifetime ago. Walking into the school triggered a sense of nostalgia, by the end of the evening however it was clear that a lot has changed over the course of a decade.

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