Bus Trouble in Little Kuwait

Buses. The working man’s mode of transportation, now slowly clogging the road system causing congestion and chaos .

Once upon a time Kuwait boasted only a single bus company, KPTC (Kuwait Public Transportation Company). Since then two new contenders have risen – City Bus (link) and KGL (link).

The result?


2 buses on a two lane street, with another straight ahead..

How are bus drivers paid? The way they weave and cut in ahead of each other you would think they receive a commission per ticket sold. It has become a common sight to find two buses running side-by-side in a two-lane road trying to reach the next station in time.

Some no longer pay attention to stations, and merely stop wherever a passenger requests to be dropped off or a potential waves their hand on the side of the road.

In an effort to surpass other bus drivers, you are likely to find a bus speeding on the extreme left lane! Not to mention their disregard for any and all traffic laws when switching from one lane to another amidst deadlocked traffic.

Much like the problem with roaming taxis, there is an imbalance between the supply of buses and the demand by laborers, workers and employees that take the bus. This excess supply is causing the ever-congested streets of Kuwait to become even more clogged.

Something needs to be done.

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