Business Babble – Peeing your way to the Top

How does one move forward in Kuwait, where it is not what you know but who you know that makes the difference (apparently, to some, of the majority)?

Its a dog-eat-dog world full of cut-throats and quick-corner takers, you either up your game and learn the new tricks of the trade, or remain stationary until kingdom come and advance at the same pace of a snail in a marathon race.

The answer: you put yourself out there.

Yes, you fraternize with every Tom, Dick and Harry in upper management, drop names, shake hands, hold elevators etc. Grab EVERY POSSIBLE OPPORTUNITY.

However, that leaves the awkward case of paying a visit to the men’s room and finding said executive inside. At this point, you wish you had not been tossing back coffee after tea for the past couple of hours as you are in a dire position to use the restroom, however, an opportunity has arisen which you must seize.

So there you are, folding your arms and cross your legs whilst standing, exerting every tiny grain of mental effort to turn off the sound of the running water tap as you chirp away about the state of the world in general (it is bad business form to just jump right into any form of important conversation).

The executive sees your strained facial state and inquires as to whether or not you wish to use the restroom, before you can answer with a “ohyesthankyouverymuch!” another equally strained individual walks in, and not keen on any conversation, heads directly for the lavatory, leaving you in a very, very awkward position.

Your mind is racing as to why on earth you had to open your big mouth, the executive has long since left as, after all, time is money, and your last dime has just run out. The stalls are all occupied, the urinals too. What to do? The closest other restroom is all the way downstairs, and walking down two flights of stairs in your current state is equivalent to walking down carrying a one gallon open jug of water.

Yes. It does happen. Dealing with awkward bathroom conversation is part of the package. Better start learning the ropes right now!


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