Business Visa to India from Kuwait Requirements


I called up the Indian Embassy, after having waited for over a week to hear from them via email (Turkish Embassy and Thai Embassy responded to inquiry only a day or so later), the lady on the phone gave me a number to call, they’ve outsourced their Visa issuance Office (you can reach them at 23912352 – they have offices in Sharq and Fahaheel).

Here is the list of the requirements, along with my satirical remarks in italics:

1) Copy of Residency for Last 3 years.

ok, I don’t see how that will help you any but, simple enough.

2) Kuwait Residence

isn’t that already covered in the item above? :S

3) Civil ID Copy

refer to previous jibe; the civil ID is secondary to the residency stamp in the passport, who’se copy they have already taken…

4) Passport Copy


5) 2 passport sized photo’s, any color background

reasonable, good chance to get rid of any funky colored backgrounds in pictures (purple, red, brown and what not)

6) Invitation letter from company in India


7) Letter from local company


8) Bank statement for last 3 months showing minimum balance of KD1,500

hold the phone; what? Now I understand bank statement, but a minimum balance of KD1,500? Why?

Given my line of work, I am strongly opposed to being told to do something just for the sake of doing it. I need to understand why the request is being made, and what is the purpose of it, and how it helps (its in my nature, I am in Internal Audit).

The guy on the phone was unable to give me a proper reason for why there should be a minimum balance in the bank account, citing it is India’s policy.

Which makes me wonder, would it not be easier for people going on business to foreign countries, to just get tourist visas, if possible, as opposed to the bureaucracy and redtape they have to sift through to go there as dignitaries for their respective employers?

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