Bye Bye Beautiful Bombay

On my last day in Magnificent Mumbai , I decided it was time to give Q8 Foot Soldiers an international presence, so I donned my running gear (compromised of swimming trunks as I had assumed there was a pool in the hotel for some reason due to guest reviews), turned on GPS with my newly downloaded map of  Maharashtra, plugged in the ol’ iPod and set out for a footsie adventure in the streets I had called home for the past 12 days.

On the way to work in the morning rickshaw ride I always spied with my little eye a park of fellow exercisers, so naturally, I headed over there. GPS did not pick up however, probably due to the abundance of trees in the area.

At the park, I was flabbergasted by the composition of morning exercisers. Mind you I was out at 8am on a Saturday morning, their respective weekend as well, and there were people from all ages, young, adult, middle and senior, all enjoying the morning breeze and walking, running, skipping (on imaginary ropes as is evident in a picture I took), practicing Yoga,, you name it, they were doing it.

Not only that, but the park was geared for exercise in that it had monkey bars for usage by anyone. I wish we had monkey bars in Kuwait, the only monkey bars I remember were in my old, old school of TES in Surra (sideways monkey bars, not the ones found on children’s playgrounds).

Not one to be contained on any running track, I decided to venture out into the streets of Mumbai once my GPS picked up, and ran to my office, and around it, then passed by the RK Film Studios where the security guard refused to take my picture outside, becoming the only person whom I was upset at during my stay in India.

Back to the hotel I went, and the distance was roughly 8KM (here). The beauty of the place, even given the humidly hot climate, made the sweat worthwhile.

Later on, I did indeed do the bizarre act I had planned to do, and talked about here.

More pictures to follow!

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