Bypass the Block- How to make Nymgo work

Farewell to Qualitynet’s stranglehold on what content may or may not be viewed in Kuwait.

Ladies and Gentlemen, where there is a will, there is a way.

And indeed, there is a way to bypass the heinous block imposed upon VoIP by persons who seek only to thicken their wallets at the expense of the working class.

I stand before you today, having just paid for my Nymgo service two days ago, and already I am happily calling and sending messages as if nothing were wrong.

The exact method cannot be revealed here for fear of having this blog blocked for antiestablishmentarianism (ALWAYS wanted to use that word in a sentence!)

Let it not end there, with this method (completely free ofcourse, the best things in life are free) not only are you free to make your nymgo payments, but the term “Blocked by Qualitynet” will be a thing of the past.

I believe not in restrictions, we are human beings with sound and right minds, it should be our choice whether or not to view a site based on its content. It should not be dictated to us. Give us the freedom to make a choice!
Hence, to be privy to this knowledge, Follow Me, and I will lead us to the Promised Land beyond the Proxy!
(afterward, I will email you the scoop, and the instructions are dead simple)
As a minor gratitude for your taking the time to read this, allow me to share another method to bypass certain proxies, through a lovely website found here.

The name may seem vulgar, but do not shy away from it, judge not a book by its cover. It is how I still download torrents from our wonderful brethren in Sweden,, who unlike Mininova, did not fold or bow down to the will of “The Man” and cease their P2P file-sharing.

A little piece of information about Third Party Browsing, it is not secure, so it is not advisable, although it is possible, to make payments through them. Unless you see an S in HTTPS, and not HTTP (Hyper Text Transmission Protocol), do not make any payments!

So, the question now is, what are you waiting for?

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