Call the Fashion Police – Purple Shorts!

Kuwait is a real fashionable place; we have all the latest in designer stores, brands, luxuries etc.

With that power, comes a responsibility, and it is my sad duty to inform you that some are indeed irresponsible. And Guilty, to the full extent of the Law! Take for the example, the classic error of High End Luxury Sports Vehicle & National Dress, the two JUST DON’T MIX!

Now, here is another failure, on the far left, an individual spotted at Marina Mall today, one of many, many, many people. He is wearing purple shorts,

now, in my honest, humble opinion, there is only one reason to wear purple shorts, and that is if you “HULK” out and turn into a huge, green, muscular monster whose vocabulary consists only of “HULK SMASH!” Other than that, purple shorts are never, never, NEVER to be worn by guys out in public.

(Except by him, ofcourse!)

‘Nuff said.

Next time, the Superman t-shirts, and the-not-so-super-men who wear them!

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