Calling all Crazy Kuwaiti Cyclists/Runners!

Many a times whilst partaking in my favorite sports, cycling or running, down (or up) my favorite stretch of highway, the Gulf Road, I am plagued by the sight of canoodling couples down the beach front, in dark corners or out-of-sight spots, specifically near Corniche Club a.k.a lovers nest.


obviously not Kuwait but you get the picture


Whilst cycling, I tend to yell out the words “GOD IS WATCHING” followed by whatever expletive I so feel like saying at the time.

This phenomenon is detrimental to the sports enthusiasts of Kuwait, who feel so embarrassed to be in close proximity of such PDA that they give up their sport of choice altogether, opting instead to become couch potatoes who’s only exercise is lifting the remote up to level with their multiple chins and leaning forward to reach for that magically refilling bowl of Dorrito’s.

couch potato

I was not born yesterday; it is easy to guess where the majority of these couples come from; if I were to approach them myself and try to exert any form of reasoning/ authority, I would probably end up on the 12AM flight back home.

download GCC


Therefore I require the aid of a crazy local, to join me in patrolling the stretch of beach front property, and attempt to drive away the evil presence that is lovestruck fools, WHILST partaking in exercise, a win-win on every front!

I was thinking something along the lines of pretending to film such activity and threatening to post it online. Should things escalate and police be involved, the recording device would be proven to be blank, and no unwarranted video was made!

And that dear friends, is the kind of thought process that goes through the minds of runners whilst running solo, aided in part by the drug-like runners high.

running dog

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