Q8footSoldiers Calling out Camp Arifjan Kuwait

Kuwait is a county slowly making an appearance on the global race landscape, with 2 established races, one of which is a half marathon. The only thing missing is a full, professional marathon. Like the one being organised by Camp Arifjan for the 28th of September.

The shadow run takes place this month (link), it is a marathon that will be run (literally) simultaneously to the Akron Marathon.

Here are 300 reasons why the Q8FootSoldiers should be running this marathon as well:

1)      If the main reason of the run is to offer a morale boost to the troops, allowing non-military runners to participate is the perfect way to get that community feeling.

2)      Non-military runners can be used as comparative yard-sticks to gauge the performance of the 300 army runners.

3)      The Q8FootSoldiers are an established running group in Kuwait that was featured in Bazaar Magazine (link).  One of the members ran 250KM over 3 days and also leads BootCamp Kuwait.

4)      Friendly competition: the 300 runners live together, eat together and train together. Adding an external flavor to the mix will make for good competition.

5)      You already have 300 runners, an extra 2 or so will not hurt.  You can even make it a BYOBD (Bring Your Own Bottle [of Water] and Dates [the kind that grow on trees])

6)      You can blindfold the non-military runners and take them to the race location, much to your enjoyment (as well as theirs).

7)      More runners = more fun.

8)      We’re not really Soldiers as our name suggests, it’s just a moniker. We do have discipline however in waking up early to go for runs.

9)      It would be a great PR Stint to show local support for to the Ohio Army National Guard’s 371st Sustainment Brigade.

10)   Reasons 10 – 300; why not? 🙂

So if you think this can happen, get in touch with us! We’re available via Facebook Page (link), Twitter (link) or right through this very blog.

Regardless of what comes of this, it would be an honor to run such a marathon and show support.

So keep that in mind 😉

(Please RT this to get the attention of Camp Arifjan)

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