Camouflage Cams on the Road’s of Kuwait

Speeders beware! You’re in for a scare! The Ministry of Interior (MoI) released a press statement recently that the new smart cams first seen on the 1st Ring Road (naturally) are now fully functional & operational, covering a distance of 3km and employing a rather simple formula we learnt in Mr. Davies’ physics class for computing acceleration.

However this post is not about those cameras, hardly.

We refer to a sight very prominent in shady, covered areas, as you can see below:


Do you see it? Look closely


Clearer now?


There it is!


One more time

The camera lens is rudely interrupted by the surrounding greenery, which begs the question if the image is somehow obscured, does that nullify the offense? If so then these green trees must be costing the government a fortune! Unless the camera got sick of standing in the sun day in day out with no break, lousy benefits and no dental.

Kuwait is in desperate, dire need of a local version of Edward Scissors Hands.

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