Can Turkish Coffee predict the Future?

Mystics and madmen have long since concluded that Turkish coffee has awesome, awe-inspiring powers.

Not only can it turn mindless zombies into productive employees, it can also predict the future!


I have gathered scientific evidence to prove this theory:

in 2007 I got my first job (Dec 2006 to be exact) in Shuwaikh area, where I was introduced to the wonders of the office kitchen! Free flowing rivers of tea, coffee and water to your hearts content! But I wanted more. So in March of 2008 I left for greener pastures in Kuwait City area.

Sadly, Turkish coffee was no longer available in that new office.

By January of 2010 I had made my third career transition and progression back to Shuwaikh area, and lo and behold! Turkish coffee returned once more! A pattern had developed, and so the future was easily determined.

My next move would be to Kuwait City, and Turkish coffee would not be available sadly.

As predicted, so to did it happen! For in 2013 I once again made my return to Kuwait City, albeit briefly! For I found they served Turkish coffee, and immediately recognized this ominous warning with a sense of foreboding, knowing I had to return to Shuwaikh in order to write this error!

And I did, and the prophecy continued, technically. For here unlike all other places, all office drinks came at a price, and hence were not free as previously established.

Fastforward to today, and once again, I am back in Kuwait City, with a free brew of Miraculous Turkish Coffee in my hand.

That, is one drink to which my professional progression is forever tied!


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