Carrefour Kuwait amazing customer service


If you the consumer do not voice your concern through the appropriate channels, service will never evolve to fit your needs.

We grow up thinking our voice is inconsequential when it comes to the corporate cogs of capital markets. That could not be farther from the truth.

I am a lover of Carrefour Breakfast Cereal. It is chronicled on both mybloogle (here) and my Instagram. Their crunchy muesli is a piece of heaven, and I always start my morning with it.

For the past few months (since Summer), supply of this ambrosia has been halted. Week after week I run to the Cereal aisle with hope in my eyes, only to have it crushed to dust when I notice the shelves are empty.

I took this matter to Carrefour Kuwait’s website. No sooner had I sent them an irate email did I receive a call the next day from their manager, apologizing for the unavailability of the crunchy muesli and informing me that the box is getting redesigned to include Arabic information on the packaging, hence the delay.

And so we wait, in eager anticipation, for the return of the Chosen Cereal.

Thank you Carrefour Kuwait for making a customer feel heard.

PS since my friends have heard of my plight for the one cereal, they too have become interested in tasting this magical treat!

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