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JoN Sliders – Bringing the #nojunk Taste to K-Town

At the turn of the 21st century, it has become extremely important for mankind to be wary of what they put in their mouths, with the advent of synthetic foods and flavors.

That however, is no longer a concern with the arrival of JoN Sliders in Kuwait! A brand with no junk (figuratively and literally), JoN Sliders has perfected the slider taste in a process that raises the bar when it comes to natural and tasty.

JoN Sliders uses premium ingredients with Michelin stars chef’s techniques, these special techniques keep the patty fresh & the buns softer, which is culminated in the “love at first bite” of their awesome ensemble!

Last thursday, JoN Sliders treated us to a sample of their delectable delights, they arrived on time (just in time with the rumbling of our stomachs):

What happened next was a euphoria of exquisite tastes, followed by arguments over who gets the first bite. Of everything we tried, here is the scoop of our thoughts:


Cornflakes chicken: a bold endeavor, too little chicken for our tastes, the initial intrigue was offset by the absence of spices. However, coupled with the infamous BBQ-sauce allows for reconsideration.

Fiery fries: perfect mixture of fries and sauce. Will leave you gasping for refreshments (that thankfully came in the form of delicious milkshakes!)

Cheese fries: more fries than cheese, needs a balance.

Chicken sliders:

The chicken was juicy and fulfilling, to perfection, without the oily aftertaste. The crispy chicken boasted a straight up taste, no frills.

Buffalo: charges out of the box and straight into your senses.

Beef sliders:

Modern: at first glance, the pickles strike you as jalapenos, which leave you chewing carefully, however you are left pleasantly surprised.

Swiss Mushroom: light, no oil. Feels like you can keep eating one after the other.

Vintage: classic taste, touches the nostalgic buds on your tongue. The sweet relish almost puts gel in your hair and a leather jacket over your shoulders.

Maple crumble: FAN FAVORITE! Finally someone understands the concept of less-is-more when it comes to beef bacon on sliders/ burgers! Slapping a slab of beef bacon, although visually pleasing, leaves the eater unfulfilled as the entire strip comes off after the first bite. Here however, the beef bacon is shredded, ensuring enjoyment in every bite!

Vanilla – you can never go wrong with this classic!
Mocha – kid yourself into thinking there is enough caffeine here to keep you going and finish the rest of the food!
Chocolate – need we say more?
Peanut Butter – all time favorite! Feels like a post-workout smoothie!


Here is a look in full at their awesome, awesome menu:

Beef Sliders
Modern: A taste for the new generation – with the signature JoN sauce!

Vintage: Back from the 60’s
Cheeseburger: Chef’s favorite!

Mushroom: Mushrooms having a party – Beef Slider With A Creamy And Rich Mushroom Sauce.
Maple Crumble: Exotic Roller Coaster ride – Beef Patty Topped With Lettuce, Maple Dijon Sauce And Beef Crumble.

Chicken Sliders
Crispy Chicken: The Crowd’s Favorite. Coarsely Breaded Chicken Breast Patty With Lettuce And Creamy Sauce. The Patty Is The Hero Of This Dish.

Spicy Chicken: Volcano in a Chicken
Buffalo: True American. Feel The Punch! A Crispy Chicken Breast Patty Topped With Spicy Buffalo Sauce.
Fromage: For Cheese lovers. ‘Au Bon Fromage’ The Right Cheese. Crispy Chicken Patty With A Swiss And American Cheese Sauce.

Chicken Cornflakes: Crunch Madness. Crunchy Chicken Wafers. The Perfect Snack Companion To Any Slider.

Fire Fries: Fries on Fire.

Double Cheese Fries: Two Layers of Cheese

Shakes: Shots of Awesome
★ Vanilla
★ Mocha
★ Chocolate
★ Peanut Butter


The one thing you will NOT find on their menu, as they see no need to advertise it yet we feel it MUST be mentioned, is the awesome, thick, delicious BBQ sauce they add for dipping. Words cannot begin to describe the awesomeness of this sauce, from whence mankind derived the term awesomesauce; so rich in flavor it felt as though it contained dinosaur remains inside (you know like the tar pits?). So thick I initially thought it was a form of dessert!

JoN Sliders can be ordered through Talabat (link), Jeebley & Carriage and can be found on instagram @jonslidersme

@UPPERCRUSTKWT from Best to Worst


Tis a sad, sad day when your favorite restaurant stab you in the back and take a turn for the worse.

I used to fancy Upper Crust Pizza, finally someone that understood pizza correctly, that is until I visited their KIPCO Tower location last night and discovered their new menu.

Usually restaurants attempt to expand their menu to attract new customers. In all my years in business school, I never heard of reducing the options as a sound business strategy, specifically, those things that made Upper Crust unique – gone completely are the spinach pizza options, green sauce (pesto) or white sauce pizzas.

In addition, the staff are completely oblivious to how the menu works, as they informed us that the “make your own pizza” was all the same price, and that you can select as many toppings as you want. Upon requesting the cheque however, we discover that each item has a different price, which raised the price of the pizza to around 10KD (aka double).

Upper Crust have lost a customer, because they chose to remove that which made them unique.

(Stay tuned for the next few posts documenting the NY to LA roadtrip of a lifetime)

@The_Avenues – where Fast Food is Not So Fast!

Once upon a time ago I came to the abrupt realization that, despite its namesake, fast food is really not that fast.

To avoid giving anyone, as my good friend Noor would say, butthurt, we will refrain from posting a picture, and instead rely on words to paint this lexiconic portrait.

Picture if you will the following scene; you are hungry and feel the hankering for something greasy, fried and fast. You head to the food court at the Avenues Mall, the one near the Grand Avenues extension. You look to your right and find your chosen poison, and GREAT! no line! You think you will be done in record time, and mentally begin enjoying your meal, unwrapping your sandwich, tasting those succulent fries…

Your order is placed and the tray comes out, in record time you are given a smile by the cashier and your meal is ready to be carried away to be consumed. You turn around and…

You stop abruptly, your mental manger (Francais) erased as you realize the chaotic scene before you; tables strewn haphazardly across the area, chairs unceremoniously picked and grabbed and placed elsewhere, tables bedecked with leftovers and not a chair in sight, attacked by a different type of vulture – the chair stealer.

Yes, to anyone that has been to the Avenues food court, finding seating is a painstaking, time consuming task. Firstly, the area is underutilized with great expanses of open areas with no tables in them. Secondly, the seating issue is abysmal – there are never enough chairs.

At times you think you find salvation in the form of a table and chair in the corner, you rush there with hope in your eyes and saliva accumulating in your mouth at the thought of finally getting to enjoy your food which is slowly turning cold, soggy, lackluster… only to discover that this is the reject area, with broken tables and chairs placed precariously together feigning seating. For a half second, you contemplate shifting your weight to your right butt cheek in order to balance on the chair and placing your tray in your lap in order to consume your now cold meal.

And there in lies the trade off; for to go to the food court is to select quickness and variety, as well as bring relief to your purse strings by not being too expensive. However, the time factor during peak times almost makes the venture abundantly useless. Whereas on the other hand, if you opt for gourmet restraunts, seating is immediate – the selection is limited to their offering, and the price is up to your appetite.

However, you do settle the business of finding seating.

So what will you choose?

@PizzaNasser – Kuwaiti Born, Italian Taught Pizza

As you all know, Kuwait is a very small country, you go to a few events, and you are likely to meet everyone. Kuwait’s borders have also extended to the online-verse,and it is there where I first came upon Nasser A. N. al-Sulaihim. I believe he had commented on a photo I posted to Instagram (or Kuwait-2), I checked his profile, saw that he was a runner, followed him and here we are today.

I am not easily impressed, scratch that, I am easily impressed, but the mind behind the following concept blew me away.

We have never been formally introduced, and yet I feel as though we’ve been friends for a long time. If one word can be used to describe Nasser it is “DIY” or “Do It Yourself” (OK, that is 3 words). Through his instagram account I learnt of his love for running and love for crafting, and cooking! Many a time I showed his time-lapse vids to friends (the one where he cooks steak on a marble slab) and family.

Another word that can be used to describe him is “eclectic”, a jack of all trades, not only does he run and cook, he is also an avid anime fan and makes his own weapons (I also believe he is rolling it out commercially, as evident by his instagram vide0s)

Now watch the video below, where he mentions how he worked in several fields such as a translator, a salesman, a teacher and a tour guide, before finally following his passion to the kitchen, where he whips up various culinary miracles:

As the video is in  Arabic, here is the gist in English:

Nasser was a full-time employee, one time it dawned on him to try to make his own pizza, so he dedicated his time and effort to building a kiln at his chalet, and the experimentation began. Initially, it was a hobby, and he found great taste in works of his own creation, much beyond what you buy at a store. He then decided to take it a step further and signed up for a one-month crash course in everything pizza in the land of Pizza (and the tower of Pisa) itself; Italy.

Self financing his self-improvement, at the end of the course he asked his instructor whether he was ready to open up his own business, to which the instructor said you now know how to make the food, you need to learn how the corporate kitchen works, so he suggested Nasser work in a restaurant. Which he did. He came back to Kuwait, sent a few emails out, and was hired not based on his impressive CV, but on virtue of his smiling photo from Italy, which he attached to his application.

At this point I believe he was still juggling a full time job as well as part-time kitchen duty, (I am reciting all this from memory of watching the above vid once so please excuse any fuzzy details). He then came to the realization that he needed to devote his full attention to his passion, and pursued it with heartfelt abandon (abandon here used to mean The trait of lacking restraint or control; reckless freedom from inhibition or worry).

In the last few minutes he urges all to follow their passion, but to heed caution in that the mind and heart are different. If you believe you love carpentry, go work as one, start small scale, find out where your passion lies and then pursue it with all the love in the world.

Nasser is the definition of entrepreneur; his drive and passion are something that many hope to achieve but little have the heart to follow through with. He truly is inspirational.

you can follow Nasser on instagram (@al_sulaihim)

PS you can also follow his business through instagram @PizzaNasser, their menu is on instagram, they take orders from 4PM to 9PM.

One reason to Hate Carrefour

Of all the stunts a hypermarket can pull to extremely disappoint its loyal customer base; ignoring them repeatedly takes the cake.

At the start of the health revolution where it was clearly stated that breakfast is THE most important meal of the day, and given how Nestlé fitness dominated and monopolized the market with its high priced brand, one product came to the rescue.


It tasted AMAZING. And the price was even more amazing. Unfortunately, all good things sadly come to an end. And for some annoying reason unbeknownst to me, this magical product magically disappeared from the stock shelves.

Oh it was subtle at first. They would run out of stock frequently. Then they jacked the price up from 850fils to 1.250KD. And people still bought it.

Then the well dried up.

My only question is why? I asked management via the complaint form and no response still.

Fattypuffs to Thinifers – Golden Opportunity for the Obese of Dubai

Dubai has a habit of making headlines, from its attempt to become the world hub for culture and entertainment, to its residents endless escapades to break world records, to the current hot water predicament a Youtube uploader has found themselves in, proving that خير تعمل شر تلقى,  as the Police dept. have now issued a warrant for the uploader of the infamous video depicting an Emirati official beating up an Indian motorist (link)  who was involved in a minor traffic accident with him and purportedly fled the scene (link).

Emirati official assaulting Indian Motorist


In its latest attempt to grab headlines, and also encourage a healthier population after the recent report pitting citizens of the Desert Oasis at an astonishingly high obesity rate, Dubai has turned itself into a reality show on a country scale, enticing the obese to shed the excess pounds for a chance to win Real Gold (link).

Dubai Municipality this week launched the month-long competition with Dubai Gold & Jewellery Group and Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

Those who lose a minimum of 2kg of weight will win 2g of gold, while the top three losers will each receive a gold coin worth AED20,000.

I wonder if Kuwait will partake in a similar undertaking, given that its population tipped the scale at being the country with the highest rate of obesity in the region?

Fattypuffs to Thinifers (André Maurois)

Fattypuffs to Thinifers (André Maurois)

Gluttony: thine name is Qatar

The Gulf is getting an unbelievably sour reputation over gastrointestinal issues as of late, what with A report this week by the United Nations finding populations in the Gulf having been rated as among the fattest in the world, with almost half of adults in Kuwait classed as obese.

Kuwait led the way with the highest proportion of obese adults in the GCC, with 42.8% falling into this bracket in 2008, followed by Saudi Arabia at 35.2%. In the UAE, 33.7% of the population were identified as having a serious weight problem, while in Qatar it was 33.1% and Bahrain 32.6%.

Gluttony is a Sin, especially during Ramadan

Gluttony is a Sin, especially during Ramadan

And now, Qatar follows suite, with this tragically comical headline:

Qataris hospitalized for overeating on first night of Ramadan


The mistake a lot of people make is they believe since they have been fasting all morning that they must make this up somehow, and over indulge in food. What they do not realize is that the food they usually eat during the day is expended during the chores of the day, walking around the office etc. whereas the food they consume at iftar during Ramadan sinks to the bottom of their bellies like a stone in the ocean, and then they are propped up on the couch watching Arab Soap Operas all night, whilst going to town on a plate of high caloric desserts.

وعلى رزقك افطرت

وعلى رزقك افطرت

Tis such a tragic shame that the Arab world has been reduced to overeating when millions around the world starve.


MOCI in Kuwait Adamant to protect Consumer Rights


Congratulations on Ramadan along with a message; if any shop attempts to cheat customers by raising their prices, simply call 135.

Have at it!

PS watch the price of Vimto rise through-out Ramadan!

Ghost Restaurants in Kuwait – Tayibat Lebanon

It is a well known fact that light travels faster than sound, therefore you are more likely to see a tree fall in the woods before hearing it.

That is not the case however with a certain restaurant on Tunis St!

Whilst cruising the area in search of a restaurant to dine in, I came across the following well-lit spectacle:

well lit, catchy name, why not?

well lit, catchy name, why not?

As you can see, the outside appearance provides the guise that there is a hustle and bustle within (not only is the sign well lit, also through the black curtains you see spot lights on the ceiling).

Deciding to stop by and see whether their culinary skills were as potent as their advertising, I took a  stroll with the familia towards said center.

Emblazoned around the walls were directions to get to the restaurant as follows:


We were getting closer to our goal, and our taste buds were tingling with anticipation as we finally came to what we perceived to be the final plane.


However, lo and behold, a sign appears on the door:


A quick inspection of the kitchen area accessible via the elevator proved the wording correct – lacking the presence of even the most basic requirements for food preparation and storage.

Going back to our previous fact, although light travels faster than sound, it would seem that in this case the people spoke of the restaurant’s untimely demise prior to the lights turning off.

I would hazard a guess and say that IF the restaurant had failed and was forced to shut down, the cost of removing the signs may have been high, and seeing as how you cannot return those signs to the maker, the restaurant owner decided to let the building owner foot the bill, or the next tenant.


The Hidden Beauty of Karachi – Part 2: Culinary Delicacies

The culinary delicacies of Karachi are beyond what my humble fingers can explain as to what my taste buds sampled. Food so spicy I wondered if I was the only one sweating from my scalp, back of my neck and behind my ears. It got to a point where I literally had no feeling on my tongue, and yet I kept going!

The only bone I have to pick with Pakistan is the presence of bone shards in such items as sausages (breakfast), Keema (breakfast) and Kebab’s (dinner/lunch).

Other than that, I’d give the culinary delicacies of Pakistan a 4.5/5

Pakistani food is SPICY… Plan accordingly!

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