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How to add your son as a dependent born abroad in Kuwait in 8 steps

Belated Happy Father’s Day to all dad’s out there.

In keeping up with tradition, i’ll write a BRIEF about the requirements to add your son as a dependent, if your son was born abroad and came into Kuwait on a visit visa.

Step 1: request your company to type up a request to add son as dependent.

You will also need the following documents:

  1. Work Permit – also available with your company mandoubs.
  2. Original entry visa + copy.
  3. Civil ID copy both you and your wife.
  4. Passport copy both you and your wife.
  5. Passport original + copy for your child.
  6. Attested and translated (if required) marriage certificate.
  7. Attested and translated (if required) birth certificate for child. (FYI: Translation is about 3KD per page and takes at least one day to complete).

Bundle all these papers together and head out to your local residency area; Hawally used to be the roundabout near City Center Salmiya, but has since moved to Mishref. So you head over there first.

Step 2: go EARLY. During Ramadan they started work officially at 10AM, however we had to queue up at 8:00AM to get a number to submit our documents. If you show up at 10, you won’t be given a number, and you’ll to come back tomorrow. They start taking in applications by the 10’s, and early, so they start before 10AM.

Step 3: once you get to the counter, the guy will stamp “sponsor came in person” and “to be raised to head of reception”, you’ll find a sign that says Head of Reception, go there with your documents, he’ll stamp “no objection” for you.

Head back to the counter that sent you there in the first place, he’ll take a closer look at your papers and give you another stamp and a signature. He’ll also ask what number child this is, fees for first child are 100KD.

Next you head inside and take a number for “computer processing حاسب الي”.

Step 4: once your number is up, present your documents, do not make my mistake and take a number for new borns, that is a whole other different thing.

So, you present your docs, they’ll print a paper for you with your child’s unified number. At the same time, a request is processed for you to get a civil ID number.

go to the PACI website after two days and check if the civil ID number is issued. Once the civil ID number is issued, write it down and head to the Health office (Behind Mubarak Hospital in Jabriya) to pay 31KD for health insurance. KEEP THIS DOCUMENT SAFE! YOU WILL NEED IT FOR RESIDENCY.

They will give you the grey card as well.

Step 5: head to any printing shop and ask for the health check document, they’ll type it up in your child’s name. Take that sheet and head back to Mishref.

Remember the head of Reception? Go back and see him again, ask him to stand that document for you, he will. You don’t need to go early, later during the day, the crowd requiring his attention will have thinned.

Step 6: take that stamped paper and head towards route 85, right across from the NBK branch there you will find a place called “ports – موانئ”, where you will take this document, along with a copy of your civil ID, a copy of your child’s visitor visa, a copy of your child’s passport and the original.

Here you will need to pay 10KD to buy a stamp.

Once your number is called, present your documents, along with the original passport – they’ll stick the stamp inside and stamp it, then send you to room 8. at room 8 they’ll ask for your child’s age, if they are under 2 months old, you are good to go and skip to the next step.

If they are over two months, they will print a document for you to take to your local clinic – مستوصف where your child received their vaccination. If the child was vaccinated, go there, go straight to the vaccination folks, give them the paper, they’ll sign it (re. CHILD MUST HAVE BEEN VACCINATED) and send you to another office for a stamp.

Step 7: take that paper, stamped by the clinic or if you skipped here because your child is under two months, head to room 4, which is basically the window in the corner of the room where you presented your documents, right behind the stamp machines. Give them the papers, they’ll then take them, thank you and say head back to Mishref for the final fight with the dragon.

Step 8: show up early, between 9:30 and 10. Immediately take a number for 1) Payment and 2) Residency.

go pay the required amount in CASH despite the sign outside saying KNET, crazy I know. you’ll get a receipt, now sit and wait, watch the numbers role.

When your number is up, head to the counter, present your documents along with the paper you got from paying the 31KD for the medical insurance, smile, go outside.

After a while a cop will come out calling names, receive your passport, check residency, check expiry, smile, leave.


#Howto #Kuwait – Check whether someone is in Kuwait or Abroad

It has been a long time since our last post, a lot has happened since then; I’ve run several races, gone several places and enjoyed the addition of a new member to our Family (more on that, and him, later).

Off the bat, THIS IS NOT A LEGAL OPINION WEBSITE! What we do here is offer our opinion on certain things, that should not be taken seriously! Now that that is out of the way, let’s get down to it.

Kuwait is a business center – people here are either studying or working, or the grey area in between. Often times, we find ourselves wanting to know more, and the official way to get that information is long and tedious.

How can you tell if someone is in Kuwait or abroad? Suppose you have someone on your sponsorship and they ran away, if they commit any crime, it’s on your head, if they are abroad, it may be difficult to cancel their residency unless you know they are in the country.

So how do you do it? If you ask the people in charge, they’ll say you need to send a mandoub to some Ministry to get a statement of movement of the person, which requires time, lots of it.

Simply, you use this following trick:

(for the following trick you will require the civil ID number of the person in question)

Step 1:

Go to the MOI website (where you check for your driving licence fines)

Step 2:

Click on e-services link

Step 3:

Click on “Violation and Fees Payment Gateway” (link – may not work directly, you’ll need to follow the steps above)

Step 4:

click on “traffic” and enter the CID of the person in question, regardless of whether they drive or not.

Proceed with the search, this will be useful for one piece of information only; the unified number.

Copy it, and click on “new searc” (or go back to step 3, but this time, click on “immigration” for the search (not traffic like step 4)

Step 5:

Enter the number you copied into the search window.

Step 6:

For the next act, you will need someone that reads Arabic, or use Google translate (translate the writing in green). There are three options; either there will be a sentence written stating that “the person is clean” (this means they are IN the country), or “the person is outside the country”, or “the person has the following residency fines”.

And there you have it, you can now tell who is where, and proceed accordingly.

Flipping the Bird in Kuwait

More often than not, we’ll find ourselves on the receiving end of a one finger salute, a flipping of the bird, a middle finger…


When driving back home, I make sure to let any offender know exactly what I think of them (especially on crowded streets) should they have the misfortune of transgressing upon me.

Here however, I keep my windows rolled up and my fingers inside the car, so as to avoid landing on the wrong side of the law should the insultee take offence and attempt to press charges.

Believe it or not, insulting someone whilst driving is a punishable offence. It happened to me today (I refuse to call it Karma) and I did what any warm blooded person would do, I noted the car licence plate number and decided to attempt to press charges.

Went to the closest police station (walking distance) and recounted my terrible ordeal to the police officer, who asked me to wait for the Station Officer, who was not there. So I waited a little while then left, and returned later, adamant to see justice run its course.

The shift had changed and a friendly officer was seated at reception. I recounted my ordeal to him. His first reaction was to find out exactly where it occurred, so as to slide me off to a different police station (jurisdiction) but when I insisted he had it wrong, he told me that I could press charges, then a case would be filed, and I would have to go back and recount what happened, and they’d call the transgressor in for questioning, at which point he could say that it was in fact I who had done that to him!

I asked what he would do if he were in my place, he said if he were not in his uniform, he’d just ignore it and move on.

So I took a page out of his playbook and decided to let this matter go.

A word of warning though the owner of the vehicle with the registration 10-79134

الحياة خيارة، يوم في يدك، ويوم،،،،


(Do not attempt translation with Google – instead, ask you nearest Arabic speaking friend to explain)

Kuwait vs. GCC in terms of inflation and salary



As you can see from the info above, the net effect of inflation offset by salary increase in the private sector is the lowest in Kuwait, due to the fact that the inflation rate is second highest in Kuwait.

It’s going to be a tough year.

Dear Smokers – Stay Out

I’m no Wolverine, but my sense of smell is quite uncanny.


Yesterday, whilst partaking in a leisurely run around the local park, I noticed the following occurrences:

  1. A smoker dressed in sports clothes, puffing away at his cancer stick whilst walking around the park.
  2. A smoker puffing away on his cancer stick besides the park.

What do these two have in common? They both stink.

Contrary to popular belief, cigarette smoke does not smell good. It does not smell good hanging in the air, it does not smell good landing on furniture, it does not smell good on your clothes. Period. In fact, one of the worst stenches in existence is smoke + cologne, a killer combination.

Getting back to the topic at hand – cigarette smoke smells bad. It lingers.

Short of the government passing a law banning smoking in all public spaces, we’re stuck with having to share spaces with these self-destructing humans.

How about a live and let live policy?

Traffic Fines on Speeding update in Kuwait

It has come to my attention in a previous post that traffic cameras around Kuwait are being “tampered with”, i.e. opened and examined frequently by authorized personnel from the MOI. It was happening too frequently to be malfunction repair. Just recently I came to the deduction of what was happening.

The threshold for speeding has been reduced and updated in all these cameras manually.


Traffic Fine

My latest transgression prior to renewing my car registration.

Location: 6th Ring Road

Speed: 136

Limit: 120

Fine: KD 20 for exceeding by no more than 20

Initially, I was under the impression that so long as you do not exceed 140, you are OK, and I have been doing this ages.

Now tho, it seems that the speed to not exceed is either 130 or 135.

You have been warned.

PS “اقوال المتهم” or “Statement of the felon” makes me feel like a murderer :S

Wearing your Jump on your Sleeve in Kuwait

Let’s face it; Winter is coming, and much like the searing temperatures drive residents of Kuwait into their Airconditioned homes, so to does Winter drive people towards radiators.

download (5)

A few elite warriors will choose to utilize this time however to expend their energy via exercise, most will choose running as their preferred poison, however there is another form of cardio that is great at burning calories, keeping you warm and scorching away your midsection to give you the chiseled abdominals you’ve always dreamed of!

How was my trainer pitch? Good? Bad? Ugly?

That exercise is jump rope. You can read more about the comparison between jumping rope and running here. But the gist of it is:

Jumping rope is a great calorie-burner. You’d have to run an eight-minute mile to work off more calories than you’d burn jumping rope.

Now, Mybloogle is NOT paid to advertise so we shall refrain from mentioning the name of the place DIRECTLY, however due to the extreme helpfulness and friendliness of the cashier-ette yesterday in taking my number to contact me when a product is available in more sizes, we’ll drop hints about their name. So, as I was passing by a Sports shop, which I Direct your attention to, I walked in and purchased a speed rope.

After a painstaking attempt to remove the rope from the shackles of its bondage to its packaging, I decided to strap the rope to my wrist like so:


The thought of Lion-O, Lord of the Thundercats comes to mind

images (2)

Of course we will be sans the Sword of Omens, lest we wish to be deported for running with a concealed weapon…



Let’s Jump (lol) start the new running (lol) revolution.

Adding jump rope to your running routine can definitely end up making you a better runner, targeting different muscle sets.

More Residency Woes in Kuwait

This one however is not borne by the resident, unless their company makes them pay for their residency.

According to MOSAL (Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor), your residency renewal period cannot exceed the company’s commercial licence validity.

The company’s commercial licence is strategically placed near all entrances to the company and looks something like this:


Now if you look at the 2nd pink box from the left on the top, you’ll find an expiry date (in this case its 28/08/2014).

What this means is, if a person’s residency expires 28/12/13, it can only be renewed upto 28/08/2014.

Add to that woe, the company’s commercial registration can only be renewed 2 months before it expires. So going by the same example above, suppose a person’s residency expires 28/05/2014; it would only be renewed up to 28/08/2014 (i.e. 3 months) after which said employee would need another residency stamp.

If your company charges you for your residency (and yes, some companies DO do that), you’ll be doubly screwed.

Technically it makes sense; a company’s employee cannot have residency that exceeds the company’s commercial licence. However there is nothing which states that the company is responsible for any legal charges that arise against the employee should its licence expire close to their residency expiry.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens with this.

Who to call if your windshield cracks in Kuwait

Lets face it; one of the worst things on the road are flying pebbles (and speeding morons but that is a tale for another time).

Yesterday as the wife came over with the car (joint custody) I noticed this rather elongated crack in the windshield.


Of course I do not blame her, if it were me though I would have attempted to dodge that oncoming pebble like the matrix. Joking, one of the worst feelings is being in the driver seat as a pebble makes its way towards you, there really is nothing to be done, and the audible “CRACK” as it connects with the windshield might as well be slamming into your very soul.

I digress. I immediately took to Google to search for “Windshield repair in Kuwait” and to my amazement, there was a solution! Initially I was aware that it was possible to fix spiderweb cracks in the windshield, however when the crack resembles a line, I thought I would have to buy a new one. Not today.

The company is called Fast Fix (instagram), they can be reached through the following number (whatsapp – English & Arabic) 66566908.


I called them up around 5:30PM, the dude that answered asked when the crack occurred, I told him it was just fresh so he checked for the first open spot, which happened to be at 6:30PM. I gave him my home address and he said someone would contact me for further directions.

By 6:00PM I received a whatsapp message from a number asking for directions. Completely unlike Kuwait, at 6:20PM the driver was downstairs and asked me to join him.

The process took around 30 minutes. First a hole is drilled at the end of the crack to ensure it does not get bigger, then a material, epoxy I believe, is carefully inserted into the crack, covered with celotape and then finally subjected to blue light for about 15 minutes.


The result was extraordinary. The crack became a hairline fracture barely showing unless you look for it. Sikandar (pictured above) was polite, pleasant, on-point and on-time.

Final bill was KD 7.

Here is hoping to never see them again (for the foreseeable future), but it is good to know they are available should one be in need of their assistance!

Traffic Cam Maintenance in Kuwait

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed the increased frequency with which the majority of traffic cameras are undergoing inspection/ maintenance?

Traffic Cam

Some may contribute this to weather changes and the adverse affects on circuitry. Others might view it as increased film capture so as to process fines faster.

Whatever the case may be, it leaves me wondering if there is an opening within the MOI for “Certified Traffic Cam Examiner” whose sole raison d’être is to test these cameras with little care for financial consequence.

Sidenote: anyone else getting confused with sudden bursts of traffic cam flashes when not doing anything illegal?

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