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Being a woman sucks…

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not degrading, i’m empathizing!

It sucks being a woman trying to join a gym in Kuwait – for example, if you haven’t noticed, there are gyms on *ALMOST* every street corner in Kuwait. Some are what I refer to as “sweat lodges”, an underground haven for muscle-bound monstrosities where an annual membership can run you as low as KD35 (FOR TWO PEOPLE!).

As you can probably guess, these sweat lodges are exclusively “male-only”.

Said sweat lodges are not the norm, so consider that as just “Extra info”.

Mosey on to (link) and you find that an annual membership for a male-only gym can be purchased for as little as 150KD a year.

Women, on the other hand, are dealt the short end of the stick. According to the latest population statistics (yes this took a fair bit of searching coz I like to be thorough with my articles – here), women represent around 38% of the population of Kuwait, and due to this “minority representation”, they are charged an extra KD 100 for their gym memberships, where they start at 250KD.

What makes matters worse is that not all “decent” gyms are represented on kuwait-gyms. I personally know of a male gym that runs you 120KD a year that isn’t on the list. The point this, these “off-sheet” gyms are also few and far between for women, if not entirely non-existent.

The pink tax… It’s real.

Sorry ladies.

Update: The complete unprofessionalism of @BankBoubyan social media handler

The first law of Customer Service: The customer is ALWAYS right.

However, it would seem the CSR agent in charge of Boubyan Bank’s social media account (on Twitter) was absent the day they taught that class.

Here is an article I wrote 5 years ago regarding CSR at another bank in Kuwait, The Commercial Bank (link) entitled “Customer service, The Commercial Bank of Kuwait has it right!”. So you know I am not specifically targeting Boubyan Bank, I am merely a dissatisfied potential customer voicing my indignation.

How does Boubyan Bank choose to respond?

@KFHgroup @Gulf_bank @warbabank @NBKpage @AltijariCBK

When I tried to respond to that tweet today, I found out it was deleted.

Shame on you for responding on behalf of a corporation with the wherewithal of an infant.

@OoredooKuwait – Tough times, Desperate Measures

Let’s face it, we live in troubled times where everyone from you, your neighbor and your telecom provider are struggling to make ends meet. The financial crisis is showing no sign of turning around any time soon, and quite often this forces us to think outside the box in terms of how to maximize income, hopefully without reconsidering our values.

Ooredoo, or Wataredoo as I like to call it (it will always be Wataniya to me) is not doing so good financially:

ooredoo revenue stream

In an attempt to earn an extra buck (without selling their collective kidneys), they resorted to the oldest trick in the book:


Look at the message in 2015, and the same one in 2016. Notice anything different?


Wherever you can.

However you can.

Without incurring extra cost.

Here is an idea; a dynamic screensaver that automatically launches on all idle phones receiving your signal, funneling a subliminal message to “Eat at Joe’s”…

Award for Most racist bank in Kuwait goes to @BankBoubyan

The world of banking is quite fickle; in Kuwait, it is extremely fickle. As an employee, you cannot receive a salary without having a bank account, so everyone is aware of every banks requirements.

As an NBK Customer, I quite enjoy their services, their locations and most importantly their online banking.

That being said I like to live by the advice of Warren Buffett, “Do not spend then save, save then spend”, I do so by having a secondary bank account to which I transfer monthly savings in order to prevent myself (or my wife) from spending them. I usually opt for savings accounts to see a meager return on these savings.

I’ve tried several banks in Kuwait, most notably The Commercial Bank, Gulf Bank and Ahli United Bank.

Never have I ever in my life been told that I need “Branch Manager Permission” to open a savings account, except at Boubyan Bank. Their reasoning? It is only for Kuwaiti’s.

Now this is not my first rodeo, I checked the banks website to find the following:

Not only are they racist but sexist too, Males only?

Granted, their premium account is geared for Kuwaiti’s only. It says so right there in black and white in the conditions. However the page for the savings account simply states the following:

racist bank 2

Do my eyes deceive me or does that clearly read “individuals only” as in not corporations/companies?

When I visited the branch and was informed of this, I thought for sure the employee must be joking, but the serious look on his face made it apparent he’d never laughed a day in his life, and so I gave their customer service a call only to be informed that yes, it is also only for Kuwaitis and that it is up to the Branch Manager to decide.

Think about it. This is a SAVINGS ACCOUNT. They are effectively telling you, your money is no good to us, based on where you come from.

What is the logic behind this? God knows.

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Word to the wise Kuwait Instagram sellers

What at first appeared to be the latest in a scheme of “get rich quick” ploys has swiftly turned into a day of reckoning for all who conduct business through Instagram.

Take it from me, licencing an actual company is no walk in the park in Kuwait. You find yourself in a human pinball machine, being shot from one government building to the next. In order to circumvent that, some individuals decided to open up “Insta-businesses”, stores without locations that sell merchandise through Instagram.

Now at first it would appear to be the perfect scenario, the Golden Touch. Buy some things abroad and sell ’em for 4X the value, without having to go through the hassle of licencing an import/export company etc., shelving out thousands of Dinars in capital etc.

However, A LOT OF PEOPLE CUT CORNERS! They buy counterfeit crap and try to pass it off as original, or maybe they did not know any better. One such individual finds themselves in hot waters as the courts of Kuwait have ordered them to pay a female plaintiff the sum of KD1,500 for psychological damages she suffered when she bought a counterfeit purse through Instagram. The woman placed an order for an original purse for KD 500 then later discovered it was a premium counterfeit. (link)

The insta-bubble has popped! HALLELUJAH!

The Killing of Childhood in Kuwait

For those of us that have lived in the same area for many years, witnessing change is not uncommon. More often than not however, that change is for the worse.

This sign post was errected in Hawally, near the intersection of Tunis St. & Beirut St. It is right behind KFC.


No playing Football – Municipality of Kuwait – Under threat of legal action

As the translation suggests, anyone caught playing football will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. As you can see, the area is relatively wide and offers expanses of open space that might appeal to children wishing to partake in a friendly game of football. It is a dead area in that traffic is minimal, with few parked cars around.

Unfortunately, it happens to be right-smack-dab near a municipality building (which I always thought was abandoned).

If you are to compare the state of childhood 20 years or so in the past, you would find that back then there was an expanse of space available in every building where children could enjoy their youthful folly. Fastforward to today however, and you will find that every available space in any building is being used for parking, or storage of some sort. Buildings are now much larger than they were back then, with much fewer open spaces.

Now in addition to this, the available open areas are being “closed off”?

Childhood is murdered, and the culprit is the mad dash for cash and supposed “progress”.

Hang your heads in shame.

PS to those that will tout that Kuwait has made available football pitches that can be rented etc. to those I say, since when are children expected to pay for their childhood? Whatever happened to the open sand pitches that were strewn across Kuwait? Most famously the ones right next to Mubarak Hospital in Jabriya; those pitches hosted inter-school football tournaments, there were PLENTY. Now? Only 2 remain, the rest of the area was converted into Parking, a road, and government structures.

Goodbye outside, hello obesity and connection obsession.

@Cinescapeq8 and the Family Seating Fiasco

The cinema is a wonderful place to be; so many movies have an added taste when viewed on the big screen.

However, thanks to the archaic laws of Cinescape Kuwait (KNCC), the art of enjoyment is thoroughly lacking.

I am talking about their segregated seating policy.

Don’t get me wrong; I am aware we are in a Muslim country that dictates certain decorum, however, in its essence, this rule is outdated at best.

However, assuming that families really do want their privacy, IT SHOULD NOT BE FROM OTHER FAMILIES!

Case in point, yesterday I decided to take my wife to the movies, as always I book my tickets in advance to select my seat and save me a buttload of hassle. Having been going to the cinema as a bachelor for a long time I felt a sense of entitlement to finally book seats in the family section. That would not transpire however because of this:

stupidity of cinescape


“You must have atleast two vacant seats beside your seat in the family section”

what kind of stupid, moronic rule is that?! As you can see, there is a stalemate in the family section in this particular screen because once you select the middle seats, the entire row is closed off. If that is the case, and the entire point of the family section is to allow ONE FAMILY (of 2) to occupy an entire row all unto themselves, then by all means, go ahead and keep the stupid rule.

However, if your aim is to sell tickets, then this is by far the most detrimentally moronic rule I have ever come across, and I know a thing or two about moronic rules.

Many a time, actually, every time I try to book a ticket since I became a “family man”, I have been forced to select seats in the bachelor section, due largely in part to the stupidity of the rule above whereby my selection of seating would be extremely limited.

Not saying that there is anything wrong with sitting with bachelors, however, families tend to be quieter.

KNCC really need to get their act together and update this rule.

The Mark of Shame on Kuwait

Picture if you will the following scenario; an expat from abroad getting the opportunity of a life-time – to live and work in Kuwait.

They pack their bags, purchase their tickets, board the plane and land in Kuwait, with a head full of dreams and a heart full of hope, they enter the airport building with wide eyes and the first thing they see is…

A gang of smokers, spewing out of the smoking room, smoking right smack-dab in the middle of the airport.

Smoking has been banned at all airports around the world, Kuwait seems to have not gotten the memo as of yet.

No matter, our starry eyed passenger heads to passport control, only to be greeted with a queue as long as the eye can see, immediately after getting off of the escalator or the staircase, whatever their preference was.

Kuwait airport is bursting at the seams, much like the waist of an overly obese man trying to fit into a pair of jeans he owned 20 years ago. After eating a 10-course meal.

The lack of ventilation within the airport makes the already lax smoking laws even more ridiculous as one lit cigarette can cause enough damage to remain at the airport for hours on end.

There were talks of expanding the airport, but due to “unknown” reasons, the plans are being readdressed.

The airport is a country’s first impression to newcomers, and a source of pride for its citizens:

unnamed (1)


First things first; smokers within the airport should be PUNISHED and PUNISHED SEVERELY. It is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE when it is outlawed in public places.

If 10 flights land together at Kuwait International Airport, which more often than not is the case at peak times, bedlam ensues and the queue at immigration stretches all the way to the staircase, maybe even beyond? I have not seen it, but is sure to happen – this signals two things:

1) Immigration process is taking up too much time, but as it is a prerequisite to ensure the safety of Kuwait, that cannot be altered.

2) There are not enough immigration counters available at Kuwait International Airport.

The latter seems to be the more logical answer, and requires immediate rectification.

It is a shame to see Kuwait lagging behind the rest of the GCC when it comes to airport expansion – gone are any dreams of turning Kuwait into a regional HUB if the airport cannot accommodate the country’s own citizens and residents.

@Qualitynet_Q8 Terrible Customer Service & Infoconnect offers

Last month during infoconnect, Qualitynet struck out on two fronts – having terrible offers as well as terrible customer service.

During Infoconnect, when all ISP’s supposedly offer their services at discounted rates, Q-Net failed by doing the following:

a) Having exorbitant renewal fees much above their competitors despite offering the same exact level of service (others win at customer service).

b) Cutting short subscriptions should people choose to take advantage of the purported, alleged “sale” that was being had, i.e. if your subscription ended in June and you chose to renew in February, you would lose out on your original subscription from Feb-Jun (3 months).

This lead me to write up a post on their shoddy offers.


Lo and behold, they responded via twitter (during infoconnect) with the message below:

Hoping to bury the hatchet, I provided them with my mobile number via DM as requested believing something good will come out of their social media customer service.

To this day I have yet to receive a call from them.

I will be vigilantly scanning the papers awaiting any offer that comes along from any other ISP that actually cares about its image with its customers to have the common decency to follow up with grievances.

@Qualitynet_q8 and their Bogus 2015 Renewal Policy

Internet prices in Kuwait for 2015 are a disgrace, none more so than QualityNet.

248am posted the summary of Internet packages this year at infoconnect (link) as summarized in this table below:


As you can see, rates have risen exorbitantly.

However, the above table fails to capture the RENEWAL fees, which are completely different – the prices above are for NEW customers, renewing your subscription costs substantially less; however you are still getting ripped off.

Take Fasttelco for example; last year I upgraded my package with them to 4Mbps at a cost of – 34KD. In fact, prices were the same from 2Mbps – 4Mbps, so it was a no brainer to get the fastest speed. How much does it cost to renew this year? 66KD.

Now I can hear what you are thinking, why are Qualitynet the WORST ISP in Kuwait?

Two reasons:

1) Their renewal offers are ABYSMAL – I have Fasttelco at my parents place and Qualitynet at my own; I joined their fold in June of last year. To get the same speed I have at my parents place, which cost me 66KD to renew, would cost 94KD with Qualitynet (to renew at a higher speed), as I currently have 1.5Mbps at my place.

2) In what is most definitely the worst offence, renewing during infoconnect at any other ISP does not affect your expiration date; i.e. your internet year is from June 2014 to June 2015, you go to renew during Infoconnect in February 2015, when is your new expiration date?

With Fasttelco it remains June 2016, what’s more you get a free month as a result of a scratch and win coupon.

Qualitynet? Your new expiration date becomes Feb 2016, meaning you lost 5 months of internet because you renewed your subscription during Infoconnect.

For shame Qualitynet.

What makes matters even more comical is their slogan, “Because you deserve better!”

I will definitely try to break away from Qualitynet this year because of this.

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