Caught Necking in Kuwait City

For those that are not aware, public display of affection (or PDA as it is shortened too) is illegal in the State of Kuwait.

Despite this, these two were going at it like there was no tomorrow, unabashed and in plain view of everyone, they went about their dirty deed, unhindered.

Morality in Kuwait has taken a sickening turn, as this was happening out in public, and people just passed by, ignoring them.

Look at this:

Cat Emotions

If this does not elicit a deep "awww" from you, there is no hope for you emotion-wise

Cat Emotions

And the mother looks on, protective of her little ones

I do believe I just took a page out of the slap-stick titles employed by the Arab Times. However, seriously, is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?

Love, in all of its forms, is a beautiful, rare emotion. Treasure it when you can, capture it if you must, but love is not confined to a picture on a film or a video on a phone. It is felt, not seen, as the indescribable, non-verbal communication that passes between people and other people, people and objects, people and their pets, and even, animals.

Love is the destination, romance is the journey.

Live and let love.

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