CC’s in Office Correspondence, whats up with that?

It took me a while when I started working to understand the concept of the words CC & BCC in emails.

Maybe, just maybe, there are others out there who were/ are as oblivious as I once was regarding these two devils. So, lets shed some light on this situation.

CC- Carbon Copy; same concept as a forward, more business-like.

BCC- Blind Carbon Copy; email goes to these people annonymously, no one else can see that they were included.

I find it rather, irritating, when someone sends you an email with a request or statement, and your manager is in the CC.

As an auditor, I can understand that, its called Accountability. You are proving to your manager that you have done something, or requested something, so if you do not receive any feedback, you have done your part and your manager is aware.

Is it official? Yes.

Is it compulsory @ times? Yes.

However, that still does not diminish the fact that it is annoying.

Also, the part of “please confirm receipt of email”, Outlook took it a step further and instead of asking you to re-email someone, it simply informs you that the sender requires read-receipt, please accept.

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