Charity at the Grand Mosque in Kuwait + Suggestions

The Grand Mosque of Kuwait

The last 10 days of Ramadan are upon us, and they are the most spiritual of all of Ramadan, when people perform “Tahajud” prayer, which is a nightly prayer from 12am to 2am.

A while ago I learnt that to really feel the spirituality of these spectacular days, it was encouraged to attend these prayers at the Grand Mosque of Kuwait.

Since then, I have been a regular attendee for the last 10 days of Ramadan, forsaking sleep for piety.

Yesterday, as I was taking my position in the Grand Mosque, a young child came and stood next to me. He was Kuwaiti, bedecked from head to toe in the national dress, Ghitra, E’gal, Bisht, the whole enchilada (mental note: remember to get similar garb). He was there not with his father, as he called him to tell him that the prayer had not yet started, he was there with a guardian. A while later, another Kuwaiti came and stood between us, and I overheard their discussion, the boy was 9 years old, his favorite reciter was Mishary Al Afasy. He was even ill, he had a cold as was evident from his accent. I was smiling whilst sitting next to him, imagine, a 9-year old going to the Grand Mosque, without his family, to pray.

The Grand Mosque of Kuwait by Night

It is also always heart-warming to see the many volunteers, young children, who could choose to stay at home and play video games, or be asleep in their warm comfortable beds. Instead, they opt to organise the attendees, keep the mosque clean by passing inbetween prayers to collect the empty water bottles, distributing Quran’s to the attendees. Their efforts are really appreciated.

Inside the Grand Mosque of Kuwait

However, a stern warning has to be issued, and I hope they take heed of it. You are performing a great act, you are helping many people, however, please do not forget that you are in a Mosque. Meaning, choose what you wear carefully.

For some reason, it has become fashionable to wear bermuda shorts to prayer, along with tank tops. Guys, you are not at the beach, or the gym.

This is a misinterpretation of what the Quran teaches, in that a man has to be covered from his navel to below his knees. The most pious people during the times of the Prophet (PBUH) hemmed their robes to ankle level to prevent bringing dust and dirt from outside.


What is being done now is not what was intended, it is a gross misinterpretation. I was made aware of this when the Imam in a mosque near my house when the Imam described how, in Christianity, on Sunday when Christians go to Church, they are dressed in their finest clothes.  He dared anyone to stand outside a Church and find anyone showing up in shorts or bermudas or tank tops.

Hence, point number one, please dress decently, as you too are standing before God.

The second point, which is more towards the planners as well as the attendees of the Grand Mosque, is more important.

Water is distributed freely, as well as juice, coffee,  tea and food.

There are bins inside the mosque, however the attendees are negligent in leaving behind their empty water bottles/ tea & coffee cups, sometimes even half empty, on the floor when they leave.

النظافة من الايمان which means Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

That is for the attendees, however, the planners and organisers are also at fault, as people are parked as far away as KFH, and once you step outside the vicinity of the Mosque, there are no longer any bins or trash receptacles in sight, and people resort to throwing their bottles into the streets.

Last but not least, the way in which people crowd over the Suhoor meals being distributed, and how you find some walking away with 2 or 3 boxes. People, you have food at your homes, it is not very decent to be pushing and shoving each other for a donation box of food.

All in all, the positives outweight the negatives.

Here is waiting for the Night of Value, ليلة القدر , and the melodic voice of Mishary Al Afasy.

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