Checking your Tires – A simple How-to guide for Kuwait

People take driving for granted, and worse, they take their cars for granted too. Many a driver are caught unaware in regards of their tires.

Tires are the most important aspect of any vehicle; their traction on the road can be the difference between a near collision and full-on collision.

Many a driver are unaware of the basic, simple rules for tire care, which thanks to the highly automated petrol stations in Kuwait, is a breeze.

First things first; basic car care:

1) Your vehicle needs to be serviced every 5,000KM. I maintain memory of this by zeroing the second pedometer every time I go for service; I zero the first one every time I refuel. Once you get to 5,000KM on the second pedometer, go for service.

2) Your tires need to be reflated every 2,500KM, so twice for every service. You will feel a significant different in driving when you reflate your tires.

3) After a 3 years, if you have not changed your tires, be sure to move the front ones to the back, before phasing out the back ones and replacing them. It is every 3 years or 60,000KM.

Now, basic tire care; this is a car tire (for those that do not know):



You will notice a sign on the inside of your door like the one below, it stresses the tire size and the required air pressure (in PSi):



You simply mosey on over to the inflator, set the PSi reading as it is mentioned on the sticker on your door, attach it to the tire nozzle and wait:



It will ring when it is done.

The machines at Oula fuel stations are very simple, electronic and fast.

Please check your tires every 2,500KM, not every service! Especially in the Summer months.

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