@CinesapeQ8 Report – The Missing Minutes

Lets face it, when it comes to movies on the big screen, Kuwait movie-goers are at a severe disadvantage, although not as much as our Saudi counterparts, nonetheless, it is quite annoying.

We will be posting a weekly/ monthly report on the missing minutes at the movies now:


Movie: Manhattan Night

KNCC running time,:94 mins

IMDB running time: 113 minutes

Missing minutes: 19 mins

% of total movie: 17%


Movie: The Neon Demon

KNCC running time: 100 mins

IMDB running time: 117 mins

Missing minutes: 17 mins

% of total movie: 15%


Movie: Riot

In the USA, this was a Direct-to-Video release.

‘Nuff said.


Movie: Suicide Squad

KNCC running time,:123 mins

IMDB running time: 123 minutes

Missing minutes: 0 mins

% of total movie: 0%

Update: the movie is actually missing around 2 minutes…


Movie: Cell

KNCC running time,:98 mins

IMDB running time: 97 minutes

Missing minutes: 1 min

% of total movie: 1%


Movie: The Fall of the Krays

KNCC running time,:102 mins

IMDB running time: 116 minutes

Missing minutes: 14 min

% of total movie: 12%

What CinescapeQ8 doesn’t understand is, these minutes cost $, by cutting up the movie, which granted is not their decision, the audience is effectively getting robbed.

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