Class Clown @ your Service- Introduction to whats to Come

What is a blog, but a random collection of haphazard thoughts, meant to bring a smile to the masses and a cheer to ones day?

If that is what you need of a blog, then look no further, for I aim to entertain. Hence my namesake, Aymz.

I believe it is my purpose in life to bring laughter and merriment to those I come in contact with; and with this new found vessel of getting my thoughts to those I am in contact with, all I can say is sit back, kick off your shoes, laugh and enjoy.

I love to make others laugh. Just yesterday I got a smile from my dad, and it is no easy task! He is of the opinion that “Laughter without reason is Borderline Treason”, now that is not a real expression, nor is it a translation of one, but it seems to fit the bill.

It all started in highschool back in ’98, the first day I walked in to make a good first impression, I failed miserably. I got to school late, assembly was over and everyone was in their respective classes.

Before I start with one of my many steps towards comedy, a little background info on my highschool, back when I went there they had 6 classes to every grade, X, X1, A, A1, B, B1. The X sets were the creme de la creme, and they were on the farther right side, closer to the higher grades. You get the picture, right?

So, I found out that I was in 8X! So here I am, walking all smug down the hallway and feeling like a smarty-pants, I get to the class, knock on the door, hold my breath and walk in.

First thing the teacher asks is 8X?

Now, maybe it was the excitement of being in a New Environment Setting or just the jittery-ness of being late, but on some weird level, probably influenced by my love of Greek Mythology, I chose to hear his question as Ajax? Which is a name. My feeble mind made me believe he was asking my name, as all desks were full except one, so I illogically assumed that to be the question. Why on earth anyone with the name of Ajax would be in Kuwait, I never thought that far ahead!

So, I looked him dead in the eyes, paused for dramatic effect, then coolly, boldly, and very James Bond-esque, I replied; No, Aymz.

Awkward pause….


Hows that for a first impression, on the first day of school, in a New Environment Setting?!

Then, there was the incident at Biology, when the teacher asks “where is urine stored?”, and I, in my infinitesimal knowledge answered, “Male Reproductive Organ”, in all confidence. Had I not thought that, well, women have to go no. 1 too, and they dont have MRO? Nope, the words just escaped my mouth.

MRO became my nickname for quite some time, evil local school children. I suppose anywhere else in the world, that would be a compliment, but in this specific setting, it took me a long time to live down that taunt 🙁

(I say MRO as an acronym for the biological name, which I am sure we are all aware of?)

Never the less, the funny-man was born.

Now, I will dispense some of my escapades that I believe were, humorous, and under the right circumstance, would warrant excellent material for an aspiring stand-up comic.

As I cannot hear your laughter thru this outlet, a few LOLs, a couple of LMAOs & some ROFLMAOs would be appreciated.

They will be anecdotes, and they will involve interactions with the opposite sex, as those are the funniest by far. Some may be more heart-felt than humorous, but that is for you to decide.

Ladies & Gents, hold on to your sides and let the good times roll.

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