Coming Full Circle

How often are we as individuals are faced with a trial which we had dealt with previously? It serves as a perfect chance to ponder the passage of time, what we have amassed in terms of knowledge and experience in that period of time, no matter how long or short it might be.

It is the paradox of life to wish for experience before knowledge. Everyone desires to return to a time before they underwent a specific trial with the knowledge they now possess. Many a person wish to repeat a certain phase in their lives, whether it was high school or college/university, to do things differently.

Personally, the idea of repeating the education process, regardless of the knowledge I now possess, is a task at the farther reaches of my psyche. I got out alive. Every situation I faced helped mold me into who I am today. Who we are. Doing things differently works in certain aspects, but not for everything.

October 2010 was the month I went on my first audit to Saudi Arabia. It has been two years now, and today we return to Saudi once more for the 2012 audit.


This is the number I had on my last trip

Already my mind is working at a rapid pace, remembering the sights, the sounds, the buildings. Everything is stored up there. The location of the hotel, the restaurants around it, the graffiti I saw on the walls in the area, Hungry Bunny, the shops closing for every prayer, everything.

It almost seems like just yesterday I was there for the first time. I remember the office in which we sat, the restaurants they took us for lunch to. The Carrefour in Dammam did not have an area where they prepare grilled foods, and even trying to find lip balm proved a daunting task, I asked an attendant there and they must have thought me a cross dresser, motioning to my lips as I forgot the word for lip balm in Arabic!

I remember there was an Al-Khaleej Road (The Gulf Road) there in Dammam that made me homesick. A cultural village with an ancient red truck outside and a giant lantern on the patio, albeit entrance for families only.

My main hope, as with anyone, is that with the passing of the years and the knowledge I have acquired during those years, that this audit will go better.

When it comes to work, this is the ultimate experience for all, to redo the first tasks we were set to do in our earlier years. First and foremost, it serves as a yardstick for ourselves above anyone else, as testament that we have indeed learnt new things and applied new knowledge to the task at hand.

The posts shall continue, albeit intermittently.

God speed.



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