Coming Soon to Cinema Kuwait: The Deported

IN A WORLD where expats, torn away from their home countries for reasons beyond their control, are forced to fight for survival after having been marked persona non grata and are hunted like wild game in …..


“I’m Shipping off to (insert home country here)!!”

coming soon to a cinema near you!

(Or not, as they will be deported, hence it would defeat the purpose!)

All jokes aside, the following statistical report was recently released by the Central Statistics Department (CSD) in Kuwait regarding the expat workforce in the private sector (link).

(In the interest of research I tried searching the CSD website (link) for this info but came out short).

Here is an illustrative guide to the paragraph in the first link to paint a clearer picture of the demographics of the major chunk of expats in Kuwait:

(The following numbers are based on the 2014 statistics of population in Kuwait):

Total Population: 3,823,728

of which 70% are expats = 2,676,610 expats in Kuwait as of 2014

as on 30-Jun-14, 1,396,427 were employed in the private sector, i.e. 52%

1) 52% (of the 52%) are Males i.e. 91.4% of expat population in the private sector are Males.

2) Income Level:

Salary (KD Per Month) % Population (count)
less than 60 1.52                           21,226
More than 60 43.19                        603,117
less than 120 14.58                        203,599
120-180 7.13                           99,565
240-420 22.86                        319,223
more than 480 10.72                        149,697

3) Education Level:

Level % Population (count)
Unknown – no records 34.45                        481,069
illiterate 0.15                             2,095
Below secondary level 40.4                        564,157
Secondary level 16.78                        234,320
Bachelor, MSc, PhD 8.22                        114,786

(the percentages above were edited due to the fact that as per the article they add up to 100.71%, therefore the difference was prorated and removed from the mentioned amount)

Mix and match the above numbers to reach the 1,000,000 targeted deportations for the next 10 year period.

The question that remains is; who will replace them? It is a safe assumption to say that the 1 Mil will be made up of the following (if Venn Diagrams have taught us anything):

Education: Unknown & Below Secondary level

Income: less than 420

Gender: Male

If you fall within that category, bad news my friend…

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