Communicating with an Idiot

To the idiot who wrote this earlier today on one of my posts (the one about IFOCE):

This is stupid. You’re Naïve. The children have parents, the parents have a tribe/town/government leader. The photographer didn’t sell the camera to buy food for the child. You want a food drive? Fine. War on the gangs who steal the food and rape the women. Once they’re dead, once *you* kill them then the rest of us will send food. Until then, grow the fuck up or put your money where your mouth is sell your shit and go there start a farm. If you fail, try again.

You are an imbecile, I am surprised you even know how to breathe.

You can cloak your idiocy behind anonymity, but when you spend some time reflecting upon your miserable existence, remember what was said here.

Peace out.

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