Comparison of Public holidays Across the region for 2015

Let’s face it, unless you are a teacher, you live for public holidays – the days of the year where you are paid to stay at home, without reducing your leave balance at work.

Who has the most days? Who has the least?

SPOILER: Lebanon (22) & Saudi Arabia (9).

Here are the holidays for the countries in the region (thank you

1) UAE – 10 days.

UAE Does not have compensatory days off like Kuwait, whereby if a public holiday lands on a Friday it is compensated by giving Sunday off. Saturdays are not compensated.



2) Saudi Arabia – 9 days.

No comment.



3) Oman – 15 days.

Not bad, but O-who again?



4) Qatar – 10 days.

No compensatory days off.

Independence & National days this year, both same day, both a Friday. STBU if you’re in Qatar.



5) Bahrain – 13 days.

Unlucky. But quite good.



6) Kuwait – 12 days.

Say it isn’t so!




7) Egypt – 17 days.

Go Egypt!! Why isn’t January 25 a public holiday yet?!



8) Lebanon – 22 days.

Apologies for the tiny screenie, could not fit it all in. No. 1 by a long shot!




9) Jordan – 19 days.

Last but certainly not the least, 2nd in terms of total days off.



And here you can find an article comparing the Arab World to the rest of the World (India leads in that department).

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