Concorde Marina Mall Kuwait needs to understand the Importance of After Sale Service

The key word to any luxury boutique is Specialized Service, correct? In this day in age, it is not enough to merely brand a product as luxurious, other perks must follow. For example, the packaging must be high end, heck, even the shopping bag needs to be branded.

The branded shopping bag is such an important item that, the good folks over in China have actually created an entire industry from faking branded shopping bags (link)!

Concorde (Marina Mall) was offering an 80% discount on its items, which includes but is not limited to, Hugo Boss merchandise. Hugo Boss, the brand to which the likes of Ryan Reynolds have sworn fealty to:

In some industries, it is not what you wear as who you wear that sets you up in the company and opens doors. It is a solid fact of Faking your way to the Top (link): 

Nothing sends the message that you’re a put-together business type like dressing professionally. The fact is, appearance matters and putting some effort into your workplace wardrobe can pay off big.

as shallow as it may sound, dressing to impress is indeed a business norm. Hence, a recent customer of Concorde got in touch to share their story.

So, you decide to head in and purchase an off-the-rack luxury suit, it will run you in the region of 150-200KD. This would entitle you to some for of distinguishing baggage in terms of shopping bag, correct? Apparently, Concorde executives were absent when this lesson was being taught at business school.

Not only were no shopping bags of any form provided, even upon request, the salesman merely said “we ran out”, but also the suit case (the cover you use to cover the suit whilst travelling) was branded with the “Concorde” logo, as opposed to Hugo Boss. This may seem conceited on the side of the customer, but if you decide to carry yourself as a provider of luxury goods at premium prices, it is important to go all the way, and not cheap out on the details that give you brand image.

A quick visit to Concorde’s neighbor two shops down, Givenchy, yields entirely opposite results. A Givenchy branded suit case as well as a shopping bag.

Suffice to say, their customer shall not be returning for a second purchase any time soon.


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