Confession of a Kuwaiti Pilot- I Fly Drunk

Tis the season of travel, where the transient employees of Kuwait embark on journeys to their homeland, or the general population goes for some much needed R&R to escape the deadly heat, and noxious sand & dust that plagues these lands.

It is not, however, an encouraging sign when reading an article such as this in the Arab Times:

Police arrested a Kuwaiti pilot for driving under the influence of alcohol, reports Al-Anba daily.

The pilot was caught driving recklessly on a road between Salmiya and Rumaithiya and policemen were shocked when he said he flies planes after drinking alcohol.

Kuwaiti Pilot, hence employed by … I’ll leave that for your imaginations.
This would explain the so called “turbulence” and rough landings, intoxication at high altitudes must do strange things to the mind!

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