Confessions of a Two year Married Man

On this, the anniversary of the day of my wife’s birth, I find myself compelled to let my heart bleed through my finger tips in words unspoken, join me on this magical journey celebrating my wife’s birthday, two years into our married life.

The easiest thing we can do is point out other people’s flaws, so for the duration of this post, i’ll focus on my own flaws:

I’ll admit, i’m not the easiest person to get along with. I know, shocking right? I have the ability to make friends instantly, but when it comes to the deep, personal connections, I am a bit rough around the edges.

I was raised in a male dominant household – two brothers and a set of parents. We don’t do talky-talky much, we’re not in touch with our emotions. We joke, we laugh, we yell, we scream.

I can honestly say that I’m mostly joking almost 80% of the time; when I act angry i’m trying to make it over-the-top so that people can tell i’m not really angry, but that usually backfires, with my wife mostly, and i’m accused of being harsh or blatant, which I am but not to that extent (I mean come on, if your wife asks you about her weight and your reply is I didn’t want to say anything but… and you’re SMILING, what is that supposed to mean? I mean I can be mean but I’m definitely not an idiot!)

Strangers opinions do not matter to me; not by a long shot. They do however matter most to my wife.

It’s just like our temperature preferences; my wife was scorched in the fiery depths of an active volcano; whereas I was condensed on the tip of an eternally icy mountain.

Two years into marriage and we’re still learning about each other; it’s obvious we’re both resistant to change, and I’m guessing that is ok. I do make mistakes and I do apologize, even if you don’t believe my apology is sincere.

I’m loud. I get angry as fast as I calm down, I don’t explain everything because I believe some things do not need explaining, and I take them as my duty, delegated to me to do, therefore how and why they are to be done should not be a question.

(I refer to today’s fiasco regarding parking).

I may be a lot of negative things, but the one positive thing I am is your husband. Believe it or not I do change, I flip the bed covers to the patterned side you like even if it makes no difference to me because I merely use it for warmth. I make your coffee in the morning by heating the milk first and not putting the granules in the cold coffee because you don’t like that.

Simply put, I love you.

Do I promise I will change? Down the line maybe, but what I do promise is that the last 3 words in the sentence above remain true.

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