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  1. Cool guy says:

    I am a graduated in Engg.

    i am presently with article 18 with farm labour category.

    i would like to know whether it can be changed to article 18 with professional category. If so what r the procedures and how long it wil take

    • Lord Aymz says:

      Article 18 is a transferable visa; u need to find a job and request a transfer from your current place of employment to that other place of employment. you most likely purchased your residency, and hence are under farm labor category.

    • I am a engineer do i job in your company

      • Lord Aymz says:

        Sorry my friend I’m not a recruitment site, just a writers blog. Check out for job offers.

  2. Saleha says:

    Kindly check your email and reply asap

  3. kathryn says:

    hi aymz (aka legacy)
    had to write and say thanks for your comments on a post i just read an expat blog site – subject was “broken dreams”
    albeit i don’t feel my dream in question broke, so much as it came to an unexpected ending. nevertheless, i trust my greatest lesson in life was to learn how to let go.
    reading your words brought a smile to my face.
    cheers and i’ll be sure to browse your posts now that i’ve found your blog.

  4. Thackeray Rife says:

    You can definitely see your expertise within the paintings you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers like you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

  5. Ahamed says:

    I am bearing an Indian passport and have a Kuwait residency. In early April I am planning to road trip to Bahrain. Do you know any authorized saudi visa agencies in kuwait who can help me in obtaining saudi transit visa.

    • Lord Aymz says:

      You will need to have a valid visa to visit Bahrain firstly, then yes, the office that does the visa for Saudi is located in Hawally, it is called Al-Jazeera.

  6. Kaiser Abdulla says:

    I had hav a complain to make against those who build parking shades fr their cars on muncipality ground. Just because they have money and they can afford they invade the parking space illegally. Is there any way munciplaity of Kuwait could look into this matter break down the car shades which right opposite to the salmiya garden on the ring road at the traffic signal.

    • Lord Aymz says:

      I feel you; honestly i am in the same exact situation – the Ministry SHOULD do something about it.

  7. I just read your 2012 blog entry on mentally challenged and it is filled with utter nonsense. People challenge each other in chess games. Disability is more than a life challenge. There is no stigma to playing chess. There is stigma to having Down syndrome ( the disability in your first photo). To call it a challenge diminishes what the real lived experience is like.

    Handicap able – another nonsensical concept left over from the 80s.

    People have bodies that have disabilities. Nothing inherently right or wrong about it. Some disabilities are extremely significant and others are very mild. People with disabilities have hopes and dreams, skills and achievements.

    The stigma attached to disability and the architectural and attitudinal barriers cause a person to be disabled by their disability. Being disabled is something that comes from the outside – from society.

    To call a person – any person – retarded or handicapped is offensive – even Snookie. People are not retarded or handicapped (noun) – people are retarded or handicapped or disabled by society (adjective).

    Proud to be a disabled person with disabilities and a son significantly disabled by significant intellectual disabilities who are living good lives.

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