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This is merely a prelude to another post I am working on, but I have to wait for something to happen.

I have to take this opportunity to thank the Police for their strenuous efforts in upholding the peace by tackling the evil, growing phenomenon of the vile, wretched bloggers and photographers that plague scenes of catastrophes and crises with their handheld cams and such, with complete disregard for decency and human life, snapping away without a care in the world.

Thank you Police for keeping us all safe from these dastardly criminals. It is comforting to have the ability to sleep well at night knowing your constant vigilance over these ruffians is exercised.

Cop: Do you have any idea how fast you were blogging? Blogger: I'm sorry officer, I didn't know I couldn't do that..

Can you detect a hint of sarcasm in my voice? Just a hint?

Is it fair that the Police can forcibly ask you to delete any pictures taken on your phone, or even worse, commandeer it and attempt to do so themselves? Is it legal? You haven’t really done anything wrong.

What with everything that is happening with the Arab Spring and countless YouTube videos surfacing all over the internet from mobile cameras showing an indepth view of the atrocities being committed in those countries, one would think that investigative bloggerism would be acceptable as a news medium.

After all, in Kuwait for example, when there is an accident or a fire, it is in public. I am part of the public. I did not break into someones house and attempt to take pictures, for all intents and purposes, I could be a freelance photographer who sells pictures to newspapers, you have no right to commandeer my phone and ask me to delete any pictures from it.

In the end, it is ok, for where there is a WILL, there is a WAY. And with today’s phones being mini-computers in terms of operating systems, nothing deleted is ever gone for good, it is merely placed elsewhere.

The tech savvy, such as myself, can easily recover these files at our pleasure.

The purpose behind this post is to highlight that since something is happening in public, the Police do not have the right, as far as I believe, to single out certain individuals from the crowd and take away their phones/ cameras etc deleting the information, without a warrant.

Stay tuned for a blog post to follow shortly, with the recovered images.

“An accident at 7:45am in the morning, when the streets are relatively empty, on a saturday. A car ablaze. Thick, black, acrid smoke billowing from its deteriorating husk, engulfing the cloudy, blue skies, encroaching upon their beauty with its hideousness…

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