Corporate A**holery – A Double Edged Sword

I am a corporate a$$hole (CA).

CA is a new term coined by a dear, dear friend of mine as a result of my “corporate shenanigans”. By shenanigans I am referencing the several times I posted to this blog regarding my dissatisfaction with certain services and using my online voice to “call out” the culprit – corporate businesses.

It all started way back with this post right here, which as the namesake of this post suggests, is a good thing coming out of a bad thing.

More often than not, when faced with bad service, we mumble to ourselves, have a grumpy day, yell at our spouses etc. We never direct our anger towards the true source of our anguish – corporate business.

So now we are faced with two choices; either remain quiet and seethe for the rest of our lives, or try to do something about it. I decided it is high time to do something about it, and I would succeed:

Now the thing is, I do not parade companies dirty laundry without first emailing them personally to resolve the issue, I use the blog to add to my voice.

As of late, I have a positive step with my corporate a$$holery, and that is to commend good conduct when I see it, meaning I take the time out of my life to a) get in touch with corporation via Twitter to ask how to b) give a customer recommendation for outstanding performance c) explain that this is NOT a joke (they know me from before) and d) insist they give me the email of the manager responsible for such.

So, as long as you balance corporate a$$holery with decency, everything will be ok.

edit – thanks Kuwait Trail Mix for the title edit ^_^

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