Countdown to the Bait Abdullah 1st 21k Half-Marathon in Kuwait

last day of registration is tonight at 10pm. Join us on Thursday & Friday for Registration & Race kit collection in the expo village in Marina Crescent from 3-8pm & 10am-8pm.

Thursday is for the 10K runners (no tracking chip)
Friday is for the 21K runners (with tracking chip)

I have been conditioning myself by watching what I eat for the past two weeks, as well as spending 3 or 4 hours daily at the gym, with one hour for weights, abs, legs etc. and 2 or 3 hours for cardio.

My thighs feel bigger, and I can run easier now, so we wait and see what the run on the 19th of March (this saturday @ 8am) will bring us.

Anyone else joining? Want to discuss strategy? How have you prepared for the race?

I did break my rule of no fast food today in the office, I can’t help it! Someone was passing around fatayer, and I didnt want to the food to go to waste, so I had a few, they were cut in quarters, I must have scarfed 2 or 3 whole pieces :S

Will burn it off in the gym today, definitely!

Those running the 21K please remember that you are due for a reimbursement of 10KD once you return the tracking chip to the organisers!

Ready, Set, GO!

(Here is the link to their facebook page)

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