Crumple that cash thar Mister!

It appears funny-money is once again in circulation in Kuwait, according to Kuwait Times.

I once went to an ATM machine to get cash, and upon trying to redeposit some of the bills I received (torn and celotaped together) was amazed that the machine (NBK btw) refused the notes it just coughed up to me!

Now, once you receive a counterfeit note unfortunately you bear the loss, so to avoid this, upon receiving any note that “feels weird” or “looks strange”, simply crumple it up.

The paper used to make bank notes is called cotton paper, and it has an amazing ability to reshape itself once crumpled. Hence, if said note does not take shape once more, know it is counterfeit, and either haul the person you received it from to jail (if you are a bad-ass), or simply demand another note in payment.

You have been warned!

On the subject of money they really should scrap the 5fils coin, it is obsolete!

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