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edit: according to the MOI website (link) the curfew has NOT been approved.

The Kuwaiti government has approved what is essentially a midnight curfew, with all stores, restaurants, cafes and other public facilities to be closed by midnight. (link)

The notion of a curfew is not new either in Kuwait or in the MENA region; Egypt had proposed a curfew on shops in order to ease the load on electricity (as well as during turbulent political times), Kuwait had done the same previously with cafe’s and hookah shops (think 2012 or earlier).

Curfew Crew Kuwait 2015

The law was implemented, and several shops were fined for remaining open past curfew. However, as I live very close to a Hookah street, I was able to see first hand how shops circumvent the curfew – by allowing customers in from the backdoor and closing their shutters; which eventually did nothing to prevent the noise etc. which was the reason behind the curfew in the first place.

Nowadays it is seen as a method to prevent crimes such as drug abuse, vehicle theft and shootings.

How long will the ban last for this time? It was said with the previous one (which targeted cafe’s and hookah shops) that the main opposition came in the form of wealthy cafe owners whose business was heavily affected (in terms of profits) by the curfew. This lead to its eventual lifting.

The curfew would be applied at 10pm in the industrial areas of Shuwaikh, Sharq, Ardiya, Sabhan and Fahaheel, while businesses in residential areas will have two additional hours and would be extended to 1am on Thursday and Friday nights (Friday and Saturday mornings) and on public holidays.

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