– The Reality of Blogging

People in general have a preconceived misconception that bloggers are carefree human beings that spend their time sampling restaurants, writing reviews, posting videos, taking funny pictures etc.

The reality of the situation is, blogging has shifted drastically from its original purpose; the true essence of blogging is lost, but to a chosen few.

“Freedom of expression is a right of every human being.” Fouad Al Farhan, a Saudi Blogger jailed for 5 months.

“One day blogs will become an alternative to our muted newspapers.” Salim Boukhdir, Tunisian blogger jailed several times.

Freedom of speech is a myth, you are free to write what you wish so long as you do not step on infleuntial toes

There are those who use the medium of blogging to get a valid, conscientious, purposeful, humane thought across, and there are those that use their blog as though they are celebrities, enticing others to follow in their perceived 0h-so-glamorous lifestyles.

Ofcourse, there can be hearsay, and rumors, and gossip, or just plain deception (as was the case with the Gay Syrian Blogger [link]), that is up to the reader to decide, and no one else.

There are those willing to push the envelope, to stand up for what they believe and reach the millions upon millions of internet users with their untarnished, raw, right-between-the-eyes, blow-by-blow and play-by-play account of what the media will not tell you.

All serious bloggers need to check out (link) in order to truly appreciate the art of blogging, and to understand that it is a responsibility, not a hobby or a pastime.

Blogs can be used to make a true difference, and given the current Political climate, this phrase holds true, or they can be used to spread nondescript garbage.

The choice is yours.

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