Cycling safety in Kuwait

Let’s face it; Kuwait is not the safest country in the world when it comes to cyclists, or pedestrians, or even drivers on the road for that matter! I digress, let us return to the issue at hand, and that is cyclist safety.

Ever since the inception of the Q8CycleCavaliers, the matter of safety has dawned upon me; how can you ride with a group and not provide them safety?

Have a look at the following map of a recent route I took, solo:


There are 2 main roads which I crossed that would appear quite daunting to most; the 4th Ring Road, and the monster route 30.

To any that think me suicidal, allow me to defend myself with 3 words: Pedestrian Bridges & Tunnels!

Yes, these miracles of modern architecture are a godsend to pedestrians, runners and cyclists alike; they offer a safe route across treacherous black seas of tarmac and steel covered madmen and women dashing at break-neck speeds.

Always plan your rides in such a way as to maximize the benefit received from these.

Also, timing is important; for example, when riding early in the morning, you can for the most part be on the actual road (i.e. Gulf Road) on the far right side, as opposed to being upon the sidewalk, and be hassle-free. This is not always the case when the sun goes down and the speed-freak emerge from their slumbering hibernation.

Be sure to join us tomorrow for our weekly cycle-ride!

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