Dear MP’s of Kuwait: A Solution for Kuwait’s Expat/ Traffic Crisis

For the past few months, expats in Kuwait have been living in fear. Understandably so, when day by day the list of crimes punishable by banishment grows. Those that have made a living here, set up roots and have little or no affiliation with their country of origin save their passports are living on edge.

These individuals have given to Kuwaiti society and continue to do so. Granted, those that commit crimes should rightfully be deported; however deportation should not be the magic word to solve the population crisis.

Make no mistake, the reason behind the slew of deportations is as was mentioned earlier, to rectify the Gulf State’s population imbalance whereby residents outnumber citizens 2:1.

Further, due to this imbalance, strains have been placed upon the transport system, which causes further segregation against expats in terms of who is eligible for a driver’s licence and who is not, despite the current public transport system not being sufficient to get expats to forgo cars and use.

So the question now becomes, how do we appease all parties?

1) IF the problem lies with the resident:citizen ratio, simply make residents citizens.


Make residents citizens without the rights of their pure citizen counterparts; No voting, no election to office, no land, lesser loan privileges, housing allowance etc. Structure it so that there are criteria for naturalization i.e. time spent in Kuwait (>20 years), clean record (no major violations during stay in Kuwait), minimum salary requirement and then of course an amount to be paid for the process after achieving all of the aforementioned steps. Structure it in such a way that it is equal opportunity, provided a score of X/Y is achieved. If Canada can do it, why not Kuwait?

Most expats in Kuwait that are earning an honest living want nothing more than to continue doing just that; earning an honest living. Most are here not by choice but by decision, they were born here, their parents work here, they now also work here, making Kuwait home. They may or may not travel back home, some may not ever have been to their country of origin.

If deserving expats are nationalized, that would shift the imbalance to the citizens favor, without negatively affecting the workforce available. On the contrary, it would see citizens in all levels of corporation.

World powers are suffering from stagnant populations where better healthcare has extended life expectancy, and better education has delayed marital age as well as reduced number of children (also a result of rising costs). Kuwait is no stranger to this. This solution works two fold in tackling that as well.

2) FOR the traffic problem, simply put – cover the majority of major roads with tarp similar to school playgrounds (for the grueling summer sun) and give expats incentives to ride motor cycles.

Just imagine I had a designer who would change the colors of this bike to represent the Kuwaiti Flag

Just imagine I had a designer who would change the colors of this bike to represent the Kuwaiti Flag

The reason we request tarp covering the roads is because during the Summer months (i.e. 90% of the Kuwaiti Calendar) the temperatures are unbearable.

Convert emergency lanes to motorbike lanes and encourage expats to use motorcycles instead. In many a developed country, and developing as well, motorcycles are touted over cars for their lesser fuel consumption and reduced traffic. I cite Italy and India as examples of this, from personal experience.

This would even reduce people’s dependency on fuel, meaning you could raise the prices if you so choose. Plus, it would also solve the current parking pandemic felt allover the country in expat-populated areas.

Although, for families with Children, a driving licence should be issued in order to guarantee the safety of the children; many a time I have seen a father transporting not 1, not 2, but all 3 of his children on the back of his motorcycle, in gridlocked traffic no less!

At first glance this can be seen as a joke, but if you really think about it, it makes for a very good solution to resolve both problems with minimal damage.

I am sure this idea is not as far fetched as the “Bring-in-European-Males-For-Our-Spinsters-&-European-Concubines-For-Our-Males”. (link)

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