Deductive Reasoning – The Case of the Missing Toilet Seats

In an almost Sherlock Holmes-esque moment, clarity was observed whilst pondering a strange conundrum.

The Case of the Missing Toilet Seats

The Premise: we arrived at our hotel apartment in Jeddah to find the state of the toilet to appear as follows:

The absence of the toilet seat was "peculiar"

On its own, this would not have been cause for alarm, however, coupled with the strange coincidence of the toilet seat also having mysteriously vanished from the guest restroom as well, a pattern emerged.

Racking my brain as to why this situation bore a slight resemblance to an earlier encounter I had had, I was determined to get to the bottom (pardon the pun) of this situation.

What sort of diabolical, cold-bottomed villain was at hand here, to rob a hapless furnished apartment of not one, but two toilet seats? Surely, there was no depth to this fiend’s conniving evil ingenuity.

And then, just when it seemed all hope was lost, a dim bulb brightened,

and the answer was right before my very eyes.

Elementary my dear WatsonReaders, for in an earlier trip, whilst boarding a plane from East to West, Dammam to Jeddah, I was in need of relief and so happened upon my merry way to stumble into the public lavatories of Dammam International Airport, where I spied with my cunning eyes the following disclaimer nestled above the evacuation device:

Our little illustrated friend was trying to give us a clue

Further, the follow sign was placed immediately before the entrance, to leave no room for misinterpretation or excuse for incorrect toilet etiquette (or toiletiquette if you will):

the most obvious clue

For there, in plain black and white, lay the most important clue that helped unravel this mystery; Don’t Squat on Toilet Bowl.

Apparently, we had rented a room after a pair (or group) of squatters had temporarily leased the abode and went about customizing it to their own squat-like needs and requirements. With what intentions, we shall never know.

And that, as they say, wraps up the mystery.

Elementary, I say

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