Definition of an @$$hole – In pictures

What really never fails to glaze my donuts is the inconsideration that the majority of the driving populace show for their fellow drivers.

Case in point; I’m on my way to Dar Al Shifa hospital for some routine tests, am scouring the parking lot looking for a space and I see this:

this is a local @$$hole @ work

On the other hand, the trip to the hospital was amusing! Insurance, you gotta love it! I cannot believe a consultation with a Dr. here is 25KD?! Blood work, X-rays, holy-moly… But with a nifty insurance card, all is free 🙂 (for me + spouse,, just sayin’ 😛 )

At the first stop, the Orthopedic unit, I submit my details and am asked to wait in the lobby, I go over to take a seat, and just as I am lowering my derriere to the chair, I landed really hard on something, well, hard! I was like, damn, what just happened?!

Apparently, I miscalculated, and instead of sitting on the plush, full, comfortable chairs they have, I landed on the little table they have attached to it~!

Still, the above anecdote is no excuse for idiot drivers like the ones above, the world does not revolve around you, we all also have errands to run, and drive cars, that need parking spaces, which are impossible to find if assholes like you keep parking the way they do.

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